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Fired when something changes in the channel like moderation enabled, user is kicked, announcements changed and so on. CHAT_*_NOTICE in GlobalStrings.lua has a full list of available types.

CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL_NOTICE_USER: text, playerName, languageName, channelName, playerName2, specialFlags, zoneChannelID, channelIndex, channelBaseName, languageID, lineID, guid, bnSenderID, isMobile, isSubtitle, hideSenderInLetterbox, supressRaidIcons




1. text
2. playerName
string - If arg5 has a value then this is the user affected ( eg: "Player Foo has been kicked by Bar" ), if arg5 has no value then it's the person who caused the event ( eg: "Channel Moderation has been enabled by Bar
3. languageName
string - Localized name of the language if applicable, e.g. "Common" or "Thalassian"
4. channelName
string - Channel name with channelIndex, e.g. "2. Trade - City"
5. playerName2
string - Player that caused the event (e.g. "Player Foo has been kicked by Bar")
6. specialFlags
string - User flags if applicable, possible values are: "GM", "DEV", "AFK", "DND", "COM"[1][2]
7. zoneChannelID
number - The static ID of the zone channel, e.g. 1 for General, 2 for Trade and 22 for LocalDefense. [3]
8. channelIndex
number - Channel index, this usually is related to the order in which you joined each channel.
9. channelBaseName
string - Channel name without the number, e.g. "Trade - City"
10. languageID
number - LanguageID
11. lineID
number - Unique chat lineID for differentiating/reporting chat messages. Can be passed to PlayerLocation:CreateFromChatLineID()
12. guid
string - Sender's Unit GUID.
13. bnSenderID
number - ID of the friend.
14. isMobile
boolean - If the sender is using the Blizzard Mobile app.
15. isSubtitle
16. hideSenderInLetterbox
boolean - Whether this chat message is meant to show in the CinematicFrame only.[4]
17. supressRaidIcons
boolean - Whether Target marker expressions like {rt7} and {diamond} should not be rendered with C_ChatInfo.ReplaceIconAndGroupExpressions()


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