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Fires for Combat Log events such as a player casting a spell or an NPC taking damage.

  • COMBAT_LOG_EVENT only reflects the filtered events in the combat log window
  • COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED (CLEU) is unfiltered, making it preferred for use by addons.

Both events have identical parameters. The event payload is returned from CombatLogGetCurrentEventInfo(), or from CombatLogGetCurrentEntry() if selected using CombatLogSetCurrentEntry().

Base Parameters[]

1st Param 2nd Param 3rd Param 4th Param 5th Param 6th Param 7th Param 8th Param 9th Param 10th Param 11th Param
timestamp subevent hideCaster sourceGUID sourceName sourceFlags sourceRaidFlags destGUID destName destFlags destRaidFlags
number - Unix Time in seconds with milliseconds precision, for example 1555749627.861. Similar to time() and can be passed as the second argument of date().
string - The combat log event, for example SPELL_DAMAGE.
boolean - Returns true if the source unit is hidden (an empty string).[1]
string - Globally unique identifier for units (NPCs, players, pets, etc), for example "Creature-0-3113-0-47-94-00003AD5D7".
string - Name of the unit.
number - Contains the flag bits for a unit's type, controller, reaction and affiliation. For example 68168 (0x10A48): Unit is the current target, is an NPC, the controller is an NPC, reaction is hostile and affiliation is outsider.
number - Contains the raid flag bits for a unit's raid target icon. For example 64 (0x40): Unit is marked with IconSmall RaidCross.


Combat log events consist of a prefix and suffix part, with their related parameters. For a full example see #Payload.


Spell IDs are always 0 on vanilla.

Prefix 1st Param (12th) 2nd Param (13th) 3rd Param (14th)
RANGE spellId spellName spellSchool
SPELL spellId spellName spellSchool
SPELL_PERIODIC spellId spellName spellSchool
SPELL_BUILDING spellId spellName spellSchool
ENVIRONMENTAL environmentalType


The parameters for critical, glancing, crushing, and isOffHand are true/false flags.

Suffix 1st Param (15th) 2nd Param (16th) 3rd Param (17th) 4th Param (18th) 5th Param (19th) 6th Param (20th) 7th Param (21st) 8th Param (22nd) 9th Param (23rd) 10th Param (24th)
_DAMAGE amount overkill school resisted blocked absorbed critical glancing crushing isOffHand
_MISSED missType isOffHand amountMissed critical
_HEAL amount overhealing absorbed critical
_HEAL_ABSORBED extraGUID extraName extraFlags extraRaidFlags extraSpellID extraSpellName extraSchool absorbedAmount #totalAmount
_ENERGIZE amount overEnergize powerType #maxPower
_DRAIN amount powerType extraAmount #maxPower
_LEECH amount powerType extraAmount
_INTERRUPT extraSpellId extraSpellName extraSchool
_DISPEL extraSpellId extraSpellName extraSchool auraType
_DISPEL_FAILED extraSpellId extraSpellName extraSchool
_STOLEN extraSpellId extraSpellName extraSchool auraType
_AURA_APPLIED auraType amount
_AURA_REMOVED auraType amount
_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE auraType amount
_AURA_REMOVED_DOSE auraType amount
_AURA_REFRESH auraType #amount
_AURA_BROKEN_SPELL extraSpellId extraSpellName extraSchool auraType
_CAST_FAILED failedType
_INSTAKILL #unconsciousOnDeath

Special events[]

Subevent Prefix to use Suffix to use
Subevent 1st Param (12th) 2nd Param (13th) 3rd Param (14th)
ENCHANT_APPLIED spellName itemID itemName
ENCHANT_REMOVED spellName itemID itemName
UNIT_DIED recapID #unconsciousOnDeath
UNIT_DESTROYED recapID #unconsciousOnDeath
UNIT_DISSIPATES recapID #unconsciousOnDeath

Parameter Values[]

Spell School[]

Name Combination
00000001 1 Physical #FFFF00   255, 255, 0
00000010 2 Holy #FFE680   255, 230, 128
00000100 4 Fire #FF8000   255, 128, 0
00001000 8 Nature #4DFF4D   77, 255, 77
00010000 16 Frost #80FFFF   128, 255, 255
00100000 32 Shadow #8080FF   128, 128, 255
01000000 64 Arcane #FF80FF   255, 128, 255
Double schools
00000011 3 Holystrike Holy, Physical
00000101 5 Flamestrike Fire, Physical
00000110 6 Radiant (Holyfire) Fire, Holy
00001001 9 Stormstrike Nature, Physical
00001010 10 Holystorm Nature, Holy
00001100 12 Volcanic Nature, Fire
00010001 17 Froststrike Frost, Physical
00010010 18 Holyfrost Frost, Holy
00010100 20 Frostfire Frost, Fire
00011000 24 Froststorm Frost, Nature
00100001 33 Shadowstrike Shadow, Physical
00100010 34 Twilight (Shadowlight) Shadow, Holy
00100100 36 Shadowflame Shadow, Fire
00101000 40 Plague (Shadowstorm) Shadow, Nature
00110000 48 Shadowfrost Shadow, Frost
01000001 65 Spellstrike Arcane, Physical
01000010 66 Divine Arcane, Holy
01000100 68 Spellfire Arcane, Fire
01001000 72 Astral (Spellstorm) Arcane, Nature
01010000 80 Spellfrost Arcane, Frost
01100000 96 Spellshadow Arcane, Shadow
Multi schools
00011100 28 Elemental Frost, Nature, Fire
00111110 62 Chromatic Shadow, Frost, Nature, Fire, Holy
01101010 106 Cosmic Arcane, Shadow, Nature, Holy
01111100 124 Chaos Arcane, Shadow, Frost, Nature, Fire
01111110 126 Magic Arcane, Shadow, Frost, Nature, Fire, Holy
01111111 127 Chaos Arcane, Shadow, Frost, Nature, Fire, Holy, Physical

Power Type[]

{{#if: [[Enum.PowerType}}
Value Field Description
-2 HealthCost
-1 None
0 Mana Mana will range from 0 to the maximum mana a unit has. Player mana pools are of a fixed size for all specializations except Arcane Mages, whose mastery increases their maximum mana. Players naturally regenerate mana at a constant rate dependent on their specialization, both in and out of combat, and some abilities and effects (ex Spell shadow burningspirit [Life Tap], Ability priest flashoflight [Power Word: Solace], Ability shaman watershield [Resurgence]) can directly generate mana. This is the default power type for most non-player units, although there are exceptions.
1 Rage Rage is used by Warriors and Druids in bear form. Rage ranges from 0 to 100, but may be increased via player talents. Rage is generated by abilities and, for some specializations, taking damage or dealing damage with auto-attacks. Rage will decay to 0 while out of combat.
2 Focus Wrath-Logo-Small Focus is used by Hunters and their pets. Focus ranges from 0 to 100, though this can be increased by spec passives. It has a relatively slow passive regeneration rate, but certain abilities will generate focus directly.
3 Energy Energy is used by Rogues, Monks, and Druids in cat form. Energy ranges from 0 to 100, but may be increased via player talents and spec passives. Energy regenerates rapidly.
4 ComboPoints Warlords of Draenor Combo Points are used by Rogues and Druids in cat form. Combo Points range from 0 to 5, but can be increased up to 6 by the [[Deeper Stratagem] Rogue talent or to 10 by the Ability rogue slaughterfromtheshadows [Anticipation] Rogue talent. Combo Points are generated by abilities, talents, and passives, and are consumed by Finishing Moves to increase their potency. Combo Points will decay to 0 while out of combat. This value was previously used for hunter pets' happiness, which was deprecated in Cataclysm.
5 Runes Wrath-Logo-Small Runes are used as a power type for Death Knights. Deathknights have 6 runes available. As of Legion, Deathknights no longer have different types of runes, and instead all 6 runes can be used for any ability which consumes them. Up to 3 runes can be regenerating at a time, with the other 3, if depleted, effectively having a recharge time of up to twice the normal rune recharge time. Rune recharge rate can be accelerated through Spell shadow rune [Runic Corruption], or runes can be instantly activated by Spell deathknight bloodtap [Blood Tap] or Inv misc rune 10 [Runic Empowerment], as well as a number of talents and set bonuses.
6 RunicPower Wrath-Logo-Small Runic Power is used by Death Knights. Runic Power ranges from 0 to 100, though it can be increased by talents and set bonuses. It is gained by spending runes on abilities, or directly by certain abilities, talents, and passive effects. Runic Power is spent on a limited set of damaging abilities, many of which help regenerate additional runes. Runic Power will decay to 0 while out of combat.
7 SoulShards Wrath-Logo-Small Inv misc gem amethyst 02 [Soul Shards] are collected by Warlocks, and range from 0 to 5, represented the number of filled Soul Shards. As of Legion, this resources is now used by all 3 Warlock specializations. Soul Shards will naturally regenerate or decay as needed while out of combat until they reach 3 out of 5 filled. As of Patch 7.2.5, if the "unmodified" boolean argument to UnitPower is provided, the values returned for Soul Shards will range instead from 0 to 50, with each 10 representing a filled Soul Shard. This is to account for the ability of Warlock_talents#Destruction warlocks to generate fractional Soul Shards in increments of 1/10th, similar to how Burning Embers functioned in prior expansions.
8 LunarPower Legion Astral Power is used by Druids in moonkin form. Astral power goes from 0 to 100. Astral power will decay to 0 while out of combat.
9 HolyPower Wrath-Logo-Small Holy Power is used by Retribution Paladins. Holy Power ranges from 0 to 5, and will decay to 0 while out of combat.
10 Alternate Cataclysm New power type since Cataclysm. Known uses: sound level on Atramedes, corruption level on Cho'gall, consumption level while in Iso'rath.
11 Maelstrom Legion The new Shaman resource in Legion, used by both Enhancement and Elemental shamans. Maelstrom ranges from 0 to 100 for Elemental and 0 to 150 for Enhancement, though it can be increased by talents and artifact traits. Maelstrom will decay to 0 while out of combat.
12 Chi Mists of Pandaria Chi is used by Windwalker Monks. Chi ranges from 0 to 5, and will decay to 0 while out of combat.
13 Insanity Legion Insanity is used by Shadow Priests. Insanity is generated by most Shadow Priest abilities, and will be consumed at an ever-increasing rate while the priest is in Spell priest voidform [Voidform], until it reaches 0 and the priest leaves Voidform (or dies horribly if Achievement boss generalvezax 01 [Surrender to Madness] is active). Insanity will decay to 0 while out of combat even if the priests is not in Spell priest voidform [Voidform].
14 Obsolete Mists of Pandaria Burning Embers were used by Destruction Warlocks prior to Legion, which consolidated all warlock specs to use Inv misc gem amethyst 02 [Soul Shards]. Value returned would range from 1 to 3 (4 with Inv glyph majorwarlock [Glyph of Burning Embers], representing number of completely filled Burning Embers. If a third argument "true" is included with UnitPower or UnitPowerMax, the value would instead range from 0 to 30 (40 with Inv glyph majorwarlock [Glyph of Burning Embers]), representing the individual segments in each Ember. Each Ember had 10 segments, and most effects that generate Embers generate 1 segment per effect (for example, a cast of Incinerate generates one segment, so 10 casts generates a full Ember). As of Legion, this power type is now obsolete.
15 Obsolete2 Mists of Pandaria Ability warlock eradication [Demonic Fury] was used by Demonology Warlocks prior to Legion, which consolidated all warlock specs to use Inv misc gem amethyst 02 [Soul Shards]. Value returned would range from 0 to 1000. As of Legion, this power type is now obsolete.
16 ArcaneCharges Legion Arcane Mage resource. Arcane Charges range from 0 to 5. They are generated by casting Spell arcane blast [Arcane Blast] and Spell nature wispsplode [Arcane Explosion], and consumed by Ability mage arcanebarrage [Arcane Barrage], though a number of abilities benefit from having charges without consuming them. Arcane Charges will decay to 0 while out of combat.
17 Fury Legion Havoc Demon Hunter. Fury is generated by Inv weapon glave 01 [Demon's Bite], as well as a number of talents, and consumed by most Havoc abilities. Fury ranges from 0 to 100, though artifact traits can increase this to up to 170. Fury will decay to 0 while out of combat.
18 Pain Legion Vengeance Demon Hunter. Pain is generated by several Vengeance abilities (ex. Ability demonhunter hatefulstrike [Shear], Ability demonhunter felblade [Felblade]), and consumed by several others (ex. Ability demonhunter soulcleave [Soul Cleave], Ability demonhunter demonspikes [Demon Spikes]), predominantly for defensive purposes. A small amount of Pain is also generated when the Demon Hunter takes damage. Pain ranges from 0 to 100, and will decay to 0 while out of combat.
19 Essence Added in 10.0.0
20 RuneBlood Added in 10.0.0
21 RuneFrost Added in 10.0.0
22 RuneUnholy Added in 10.0.0
23 AlternateQuest Added in 10.1.0
24 AlternateEncounter Added in 10.1.0
25 AlternateMount Added in 10.1.0
26 NumPowerTypes

Failed Type[]

See the SPELL_FAILED GlobalStrings for a full list of failed types.

  • "A more powerful spell is already active"
  • "Another action is in progress"
  • "Can't do that while asleep"
  • "Can't do that while charmed"
  • "Can't do that while confused"
  • "Can't do that while fleeing"
  • "Can't do that while horrified"
  • "Can't do that while incapacitated"
  • "Can't do that while moving"
  • "Can't do that while silenced"
  • "Can't do that while stunned"
  • "Interrupted"
  • "Invalid target"
  • "No target"
  • "Not enough energy"
  • "Not enough mana"
  • "Not enough rage"
  • "Out of range"
  • "Target needs to be in front of you."
  • "Target not in line of sight"
  • "Target too close"
  • "You are dead"
  • "You are in combat"
  • "You are in shapeshift form"
  • "You are unable to move"
  • "You can't do that yet"
  • "You must be behind your target."

Miss Type[]

  • "ABSORB"
  • "BLOCK"
  • "DODGE"
  • "EVADE"
  • "IMMUNE"
  • "MISS"
  • "PARRY"
  • "RESIST"

Aura Type[]

  • "BUFF"
  • "DEBUFF"

Environmental Type[]

  • "Drowning"
  • "Falling"
  • "Fatigue"
  • "Fire"
  • "Lava"
  • "Slime"



  • Prints all CLEU parameters.
local function OnEvent(self, event)

local f = CreateFrame("Frame")
f:SetScript("OnEvent", OnEvent)
  • Displays your spell or melee critical hits.
local playerGUID = UnitGUID("player")
local MSG_CRITICAL_HIT = "Your %s critically hit %s for %d damage!"

local f = CreateFrame("Frame")
f:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event)
	local _, subevent, _, sourceGUID, _, _, _, _, destName = CombatLogGetCurrentEventInfo()
	local spellId, amount, critical

	if subevent == "SWING_DAMAGE" then
		amount, _, _, _, _, _, critical = select(12, CombatLogGetCurrentEventInfo())
	elseif subevent == "SPELL_DAMAGE" then
		spellId, _, _, amount, _, _, _, _, _, critical = select(12, CombatLogGetCurrentEventInfo())

	if critical and sourceGUID == playerGUID then
		-- get the link of the spell or the MELEE globalstring
		local action = spellId and GetSpellLink(spellId) or MELEE
		print(MSG_CRITICAL_HIT:format(action, destName, amount))


This comparison illustrates the difference between swing and spell events, e.g. the amount suffix parameter is on arg12 for SWING_DAMAGE and arg15 for SPELL_DAMAGE.

1617986084.18, "SWING_DAMAGE", false, "Player-1096-06DF65C1", "Xiaohuli", 1297, 0, "Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-000070569B", "Cutpurse", 68168, 0, 3, -1, 1, nil, nil, nil, true, false, false, false

1617986113.264, "SPELL_DAMAGE", false, "Player-1096-06DF65C1", "Xiaohuli", 1297, 0, "Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-000070569B", "Cutpurse", 68168, 0, 585, "Smite", 2, 47, 19, 2, nil, nil, nil, false, false, false, false
Idx Param Value
self <Frame>
1 timestamp 1617986084.18
2 subevent "SWING_DAMAGE"
3 hideCaster false
4 sourceGUID "Player-1096-06DF65C1"
5 sourceName "Xiaohuli"
6 sourceFlags 1297
7 sourceRaidFlags 0
8 destGUID "Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-000070569B"
9 destName "Cutpurse"
10 destFlags 68168
11 destRaidFlags 0
12 amount 3
13 overkill -1
14 school 1
15 resisted nil
16 blocked nil
17 absorbed nil
18 critical true
19 glancing false
20 crushing false
21 isOffHand false
Idx Param Value
self <Frame>
1 timestamp 1617986113.264
2 subevent "SPELL_DAMAGE"
3 hideCaster false
4 sourceGUID "Player-1096-06DF65C1"
5 sourceName "Xiaohuli"
6 sourceFlags 1297
7 sourceRaidFlags 0
8 destGUID "Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-000070569B"
9 destName "Cutpurse"
10 destFlags 68168
11 destRaidFlags 0
12 spellId 585
13 spellName "Smite"
14 spellSchool 2
15 amount 47
16 overkill 19
17 school 2
18 resisted nil
19 blocked nil
20 absorbed nil
21 critical false
22 glancing false
23 crushing false
24 isOffHand false


Event Trace[]

CLEU etrace

/etrace with CLEU params.

For the new event trace tool added in Patch 9.1.0 the following script can be loaded.

local function LogEvent(self, event, ...)
	if event == "COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED" or event == "COMBAT_LOG_EVENT" then
		self:LogEvent_Original(event, CombatLogGetCurrentEventInfo())
	elseif event == "COMBAT_TEXT_UPDATE" then
		self:LogEvent_Original(event, (...), GetCurrentCombatTextEventInfo())
		self:LogEvent_Original(event, ...)

local function OnEventTraceLoaded()
	EventTrace.LogEvent_Original = EventTrace.LogEvent
	EventTrace.LogEvent = LogEvent

if EventTrace then
	local frame = CreateFrame("Frame")
	frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)
		if event == "ADDON_LOADED" and (...) == "Blizzard_EventTrace" then


This relatively new subevent fires in addition to SWING_MISSED / SPELL_MISSED which already have the "ABSORB" missType and same amount. It optionally includes the spell payload if triggered from what would be SPELL_DAMAGE.

timestamp, subevent, hideCaster, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, sourceRaidFlags, destGUID, destName, destFlags, destRaidFlags, [spellID, spellName, spellSchool], casterGUID, casterName, casterFlags, casterRaidFlags, absorbSpellId, absorbSpellName, absorbSpellSchool, amount, critical


-- swing
1620562047.156, "SWING_MISSED", false, "Creature-0-4234-0-138-44176-000016DAE1", "Bluegill Wanderer", 2632, 0, "Player-1096-06DF65C1", "Xiaohuli", 66833, 0, "ABSORB", false, 13, false
1620562047.156, "SPELL_ABSORBED", false, "Creature-0-4234-0-138-44176-000016DAE1", "Bluegill Wanderer", 2632, 0, "Player-1096-06DF65C1", "Xiaohuli", 66833, 0, "Player-1096-06DF65C1", "Xiaohuli", 66833, 0, 17, "Power Word: Shield", 2, 13, false

-- spell
1620561974.121, "SPELL_MISSED", false, "Creature-0-4234-0-138-44176-000016DAE1", "Bluegill Wanderer", 2632, 0, "Player-1096-06DF65C1", "Xiaohuli", 66833, 0, 83669, "Water Bolt", 16, "ABSORB", false, 15, false
1620561974.121, "SPELL_ABSORBED", false, "Creature-0-4234-0-138-44176-000016DAE1", "Bluegill Wanderer", 2632, 0, "Player-1096-06DF65C1", "Xiaohuli", 66833, 0, 83669, "Water Bolt", 16, "Player-1096-06DF65C1", "Xiaohuli", 66833, 0, 17, "Power Word: Shield", 2, 15, false

Advanced Combat Log[]

Combat log messages may be written to the World of Warcraft\_retail_\Logs\WoWCombatLog.txt file for external parsing purposes. This feature can be enabled with LoggingCombat(true) or toggled with the /combatlog slash command. Combat logging was added on patch 1.7.0[2]


This log line is added when combat logging starts.


Advanced parameters[]

There can be up to 39 parameters, in order:

  • 9 base params (subevent, source and dest unit)
  • 0 to 3 prefix params (spell/environmental)
  • 17 advanced params
  • 0 to 10 suffix params

Advanced parameters require CVar advancedCombatLoggingDefault: 0
Whether we want advanced combat log data sent from the server
(added in 5.4.2)[3] to be enabled for meaningful values.

COMBAT LOG EVENT advancedCombatLogging
Idx Param Example Description
1 infoGUID Player-1096-06DF65C1 GUID of the advanced params unit
2 ownerGUID 0000000000000000 GUID of the owner in case of pets/minions
3 currentHP 584 Unit current HP
4 maxHp 584 Unit max HP
5 attackPower 3 Unit attack power
6 spellPower 75 Unit spell power
7 armor 19 Unit armor
8 absorb 0 Unit applied absorb amount
9 powerType 0 Enum.PowerType
10 currentPower 430 Unit current power
11 maxPower 430 Unit max power
12 powerCost 1 Required power amount for the ability
13 positionX -9250.90 Unit X position on the map instance
14 positionY 158.82 Unit Y position on the map instance
15 uiMapID 37 UiMapID
16 facing 5.5502 Unit facing direction in the [0, 2π] range
17 level 13 Level for NPCs, item level for players

Example for a low level priest in Elwynn Forest successfully casting a spell.

4/9 05:05:01.824  SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,Player-1096-06DF65C1,"Xiaohuli-DefiasBrotherhood",0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-00006FB363,"Cutpurse",0x10a48,0x0,585,"Smite",0x2,Player-1096-06DF65C1,0000000000000000,584,584,3,75,19,0,0,430,430,1,-9250.90,158.82,37,5.5502,13

4/9 05:05:01.824  SPELL_DAMAGE,Player-1096-06DF65C1,"Xiaohuli-DefiasBrotherhood",0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-00006FB363,"Cutpurse",0x10a48,0x0,585,"Smite",0x2,Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-00006FB363,0000000000000000,105,152,0,0,189,0,1,0,0,0,-9213.11,144.31,37,1.7189,30,46,45,-1,2,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil

These coords are also returned from C_Map.GetWorldPosFromMapPos() and UnitPosition() (provided the player is not in an instanced area).

local uiMap = C_Map.GetBestMapForUnit("player")
local pos = C_Map.GetPlayerMapPosition(uiMap, "player")
local continentID, worldPos = C_Map.GetWorldPosFromMapPos(uiMap, pos)

print(continentID, worldPos:GetXY()) -- 0, -9250.8974609375, 158.81927490234 
print(UnitPosition("player")) -- -9250.900390625, 158.80000305176, 0, 0

Multiple Values[]

Some events can have multiple values for a param, delimited by a | vertical bar, for example 3|4,120|5,120|5,25|5 for powerType, currentPower, maxPower, powerCost respectively. This is the case when spells use more than one powertype to cast.

12/27 20:40:53.015  SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,Player-3686-09B3C091,"Katara-Antonidas",0x514,0x0,Vehicle-0-4252-2450-10829-175732-00004A11DB,"Sylvanas Windrunner",0x10a48,0x0,1943,"Rupture",0x1,Player-3686-09B3C091,0000000000000000,55660,55660,2018,321,689,8046,3|4,120|5,120|5,25|5,230.09,-841.17,2002,3.8727,249

Death Events[]

For the following events, recapID is changed with (possibly) unconsciousOnDeath

11/18 21:07:31.950  PARTY_KILL,Player-3686-070D56DD,"Môrclen-Antonidas",0x10512,0x0,Creature-0-1465-2450-15939-178008-000016B283,"Decrepit Orb",0xa48,0x0,0
10/26 21:06:20.604  SPELL_INSTAKILL,Creature-0-1469-2450-16377-99773-000078519D,"Bloodworm",0x2114,0x0,Creature-0-1469-2450-16377-99773-000078519D,"Bloodworm",0x2114,0x0,197509,"Bloodworm",0x20,0
10/26 21:18:26.917  UNIT_DIED,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,Creature-0-1469-2450-16377-99773-0000785473,"Bloodworm",0x2114,0x0,0
10/26 21:18:22.056  UNIT_DESTROYED,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,Creature-0-1469-2450-16377-26125-0000785441,"Risen Ghoul",0x2114,0x0,0


This is missing the amount param.

10/26 20:45:44.932  SPELL_AURA_REFRESH,Player-3686-0672A7D3,"Slivered-Antonidas",0x511,0x0,Player-3686-0672A7D3,"Slivered-Antonidas",0x511,0x0,21562,"Power Word: Fortitude",0x2,BUFF


This has an additional 9th suffix param totalAmount

10/26 21:06:21.326  SPELL_HEAL_ABSORBED,Vehicle-0-1469-2450-16377-175732-0000784ACE,"Sylvanas Windrunner",0x10a48,0x0,Player-3686-0672A7D3,"Slivered-Antonidas",0x511,0x0,347704,"Veil of Darkness",0x20,Player-3686-0672A7D3,"Slivered-Antonidas",0x511,0x0,77489,"Echo of Light",0x2,104,667


  • SWING_DAMAGE, SPELL_DAMAGE, SPELL_HEAL, SPELL_PERIODIC_DAMAGE, and SPELL_PERIODIC HEAL: These have an additional 2nd suffix parameter, baseAmount. This is the amount before critical strike bonus, and before percent modifiers on the target, including effects like damage reduction from armor, Ability demonhunter empowerwards [Chaos Brand], Ability warrior savageblow [Mortal Strike], etc.


  • SWING_DAMAGE: infoGUID is the source unit. This event is not guaranteed to fire, in that case SWING_MISSED would fire or nothing at all.
  • SWING_DAMAGE_LANDED: infoGUID is the dest unit. This event is exclusive to the advanced combat log and always fires.
4/9 05:05:07.807  SWING_DAMAGE,Player-1096-06DF65C1,"Xiaohuli-DefiasBrotherhood",0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-00006FB363,"Cutpurse",0x10a48,0x0,Player-1096-06DF65C1,0000000000000000,584,584,3,75,19,0,0,430,430,0,-9250.90,158.82,37,5.5502,13,1,0,-1,1,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil

4/9 05:05:07.807  SWING_DAMAGE_LANDED,Player-1096-06DF65C1,"Xiaohuli-DefiasBrotherhood",0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-00006FB363,"Cutpurse",0x10a48,0x0,Creature-0-4253-0-160-94-00006FB363,0000000000000000,104,152,0,0,189,0,1,0,0,0,-9245.84,156.92,37,2.8016,30,1,0,-1,1,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil


  • SPELL_ENERGIZE: This has an additional 4th suffix param, possibly maxPower
11/18 20:44:41.889  SPELL_ENERGIZE,Player-3686-065B1FFB,"Withered-Antonidas",0x511,0x0,Player-3686-065B1FFB,"Withered-Antonidas",0x511,0x0,336637,"Grounding Breath",0x1,Player-3686-065B1FFB,0000000000000000,58296,58296,2246,2160,687,243,0,43673,50000,0,243.55,-868.29,2002,2.3365,248,1900.0000,0.0000,0,50000
  • SPELL_DRAIN: This has an additional 4th suffix param, possibly maxPower
11/18 22:59:04.817  SPELL_DRAIN,Vehicle-0-1465-2450-15939-178072-000016CA7A,"Anduin Wrynn",0xa48,0x0,Vehicle-0-1465-2450-15939-178072-000016CA7A,"Anduin Wrynn",0xa48,0x0,357730,"Blasphemy",0x2,Vehicle-0-1465-2450-15939-178072-000016CA7A,0000000000000000,36198842,36339500,0,0,1071,0,0,0,2568,0,-246.06,-1280.08,2004,4.3350,62,5000,0,0,2568


ARENA_MATCH_START: instanceID, unk, matchType, teamId
ARENA_MATCH_END: winningTeam, matchDuration, newRatingTeam1, newRatingTeam2


CHALLENGE_MODE_START: zoneName, instanceID, challengeModeID, keystoneLevel, [affixID, ...]
CHALLENGE_MODE_START,"Mists of Tirna Scithe",2290,375,11,[9,122,4,121]
CHALLENGE_MODE_END: instanceID, success, keystoneLevel, totalTime
  • totalTime: time in milliseconds, and including the time penalties for deaths


Emotes don't include a dest unit, compared to in-game events like CHAT_MSG_RAID_BOSS_EMOTE.

EMOTE: sourceGUID, sourcename, sourceflags, sourceraidflags, text
EMOTE,Vehicle-0-1465-2450-15939-175732-000016A7D7,"Sylvanas Windrunner",0000000000000000,nil,|TInterface\ICONS\Achievement_Leader_Sylvanas.blp:20|t Sylvanas Windrunner gains |cFFFF0000|Hspell:347504|h[Windrunner]|h|r!


ENCOUNTER_START: encounterID, encounterName, difficultyID, groupSize, instanceID
ENCOUNTER_START,1146,"Randolph Moloch",1,5,34
ENCOUNTER_END: encounterID, encounterName, difficultyID, groupSize, success, fightTime
ENCOUNTER_END,2435,"Sylvanas Windrunner",15,16,1,671425
  • success is 1 for a kill, 0 for a wipe
  • fightTime is in milliseconds.


The coords are the boundary box for the world map.

MAP_CHANGE: uiMapID, uiMapName, x0, x1, y0, y1
MAP_CHANGE,37,"Elwynn Forest",-7939.580078,-10254.200195,1535.420044,-1935.420044
/dump C_Map.GetWorldPosFromMapPos(37, {x=0, y=0}) -- x = -7939.580078125, y = 1535.4200439453
/dump C_Map.GetWorldPosFromMapPos(37, {x=1, y=1}) -- x = -10254.200195312, y = -1935.4200439453
/dump C_Map.GetMapWorldSize(37) -- 3470.8400878906, 2314.6201171875


WORLD_MARKER_PLACED: instanceID, marker, x, y


ZONE_CHANGE: instanceID, zoneName, difficultyID
ZONE_CHANGE,34,"Stormwind Stockade",1


This logging feature was added on patch 7.0.3

New Logging Feature: COMBATANT_INFO | 2016-01-13 00:00 | Blizzard Entertainment Celestalon

Whenever an ENCOUNTER_START event occurs, a new “COMBATANT_INFO” log line will also be printed for each player in the instance. The current data structure for COMBATANT_INFO is as follows, but is subject to change based on feedback and technical needs:

COMBATANT_INFO,playerGUID,Strength,Agility,Stamina,Intelligence,Dodge,Parry,Block,CritMelee,CritRanged,CritSpell,Speed,Lifesteal,HasteMelee,HasteRanged,HasteSpell,Avoidance,Mastery,VersatilityDamageDone,VersatilityHealingDone,VersatilityDamageTaken,Armor,CurrentSpecID,(Class Talent 1, ...),(PvP Talent 1, ...),[Artifact Trait ID 1, Trait Effective Level 1, ...],[(Equipped Item ID 1,Equipped Item iLvL 1,(Permanent Enchant ID, Temp Enchant ID, On Use Spell Enchant ID),(Bonus List ID 1, ...),(Gem ID 1, Gem iLvL 1, ...)) ...],[Interesting Aura Caster GUID 1, Interesting Aura Spell ID 1, ...]

Some clarifications about a few of those elements:

  • Stats – Those are the current stat values at the time of the log line. Secondary stats are in terms of the Rating amount, not a %.
  • Armor – This is the Armor amount before multipliers (such as Bear Form).
  • Talents – A list of the selected talents. Today’s build will print this ID as a TalentID, a record type that is not dataminable. This will be fixed in a future build to be the SpellID of the talent.
  • Artifact Traits – This will be a list of the selected traits for the character’s current specialization’s artifact (even if it’s not equipped). The Artifact Trait ID is an ID to a new record type to 7.0, which should be dataminable already. Trait Effective Level is the number of points placed in that talent. Note that some Relics will allow this to go beyond the max.
  • Equipment – This is a list of all equipped gear on the character. The first ID is the standard Item ID of the item, followed by its ilvl. After that is a list of enchants on the item, one of each of the 3 possible enchantment types (using the ItemEnchantment ID).
  • Interesting Auras – This is a list of interesting auras (buffs/debuffs) that we have manually flagged to be included in this log line. We’ll welcome feedback about what should be included here but currently plan for set bonuses, well fed, flasks, combat potions, Vantus runes, and player buffs. Nothing has been flagged for this yet, so you won’t see anything here in the current build.

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On a character without any Shadowlands-specific powers.

4/22 05:27:15.478  COMBATANT_INFO,Player-3299-004E8630,1,132,184,906,653,0,0,0,257,257,257,11,0,188,188,188,0,118,90,90,90,120,257,(193155,64129,238136,200199,321377,193157,265202),(0,235587,215982,328530),[0,0,[],[],[]],[(173845,90,(),(1479,4786,6502),()),(158075,140,(),(4932,4933,6316),()),(157971,105,(),(1514,4786,6506),()),(3427,1,(),(),()),(157994,105,(),(1514,4786,6504),()),(173341,90,(0,0,4223),(6707),()),(174237,100,(),(4822,6516,6513,1487,4786),()),(173322,90,(),(6707),()),(158037,99,(),(4803,4802,42,6516,6515,1513,4786),()),(183675,110,(),(1482,4786),()),(173344,98,(),(6706),()),(174469,100,(),(4822,6516,6513,1487,4786),()),(173349,98,(),(6706),()),(175719,104,(),(6707,6901),()),(169223,133,(),(6276,1472),()),(165628,115,(),(5844,1527,4786),()),(0,0,(),(),()),(0,0,(),(),())],[Player-3299-004E8630,295365,Player-3299-004E8630,298268,Player-3299-004E8630,296320],1,0,0,0
Param Example Description
Event COMBATANT_INFO Version 18
PlayerGUID Player-3299-004E8630
Faction 1 0: Horde, 1: Alliance
Character Stats
Strength 132
Agility 184
Stamina 906
Intelligence 653
Dodge 0
Parry 0
Block 0
CritMelee 257
CritRanged 257
CritSpell 257
Speed 11
Lifesteal 0
HasteMelee 188
HasteRanged 188
HasteSpell 188
Avoidance 0
Mastery 118
VersatilityDamageDone 90
VersatilityHealingDone 90
VersatilityDamageTaken 90
Armor 120
Class Talents
CurrentSpecID 257 Holy
Class Talent 1 (193155 Enlightenment
Class Talent 2 64129 Body and Soul
Class Talent 3 238136 Cosmic Ripple
Class Talent 4 200199 Censure
Class Talent 5 321377 Prayer Circle
Class Talent 6 193157 Benediction
Class Talent 7 265202) Holy Word: Salvation
PvP Talents
PvP Talent 1 (0
PvP Talent 2 235587 Miracle Worker
PvP Talent 3 215982 Spirit of the Redeemer
PvP Talent 4 328530) Divine Ascension
Artifact Traits
Artifact Trait ID 1 [0
Trait Effective Level 1 0
Artifact Trait ID 2 []
Artifact Trait ID 3 []
Artifact Trait ID 4 []]
Equipped Items
Equipped Item ID 1 [(173845 Vile Manipulator's Hood
Equipped Item iLvL 1 90
Permanent Enchant ID
Temp Enchant ID
On Use Spell Enchant ID
Bonus List ID 1 (1479
Bonus List ID 2 4786
Bonus List ID 3 6502)
Gem ID 1 ())
Equipped Item 2 (158075,140,(),(4932,4933,6316),()) Heart of Azeroth
Equipped Item 3 (157971,105,(),(1514,4786,6506),()) Sirensong Amice
Equipped Item 4 (3427,1,(),(),()) Stylish Black Shirt
Equipped Item 5 (157994,105,(),(1514,4786,6504),()) Sirensong Garments
Equipped Item 6 (173341,90,(0,0,4223),(6707),()) Cord of Uncertain Devotion
Equipped Item 7 (174237,100,(),(4822,6516,6513,1487,4786) Breeches of Faithful Execution
Equipped Item 8 (173322,90,(),(6707),()) Sandals of Soul's Clarity
Equipped Item 9 (158037,99,(),(4803,4802,42,6516,6515,1513,4786),()) Squallshaper Cuffs
Equipped Item 10 (183675,110,(),(1482,4786),()) Cold Sweat Mitts
Equipped Item 11 (173344,98,(),(6706),()) Band of Chronicled Deeds
Equipped Item 12 (174469,100,(),(4822,6516,6513,1487,4786),()) Band of Insidious Ruminations
Equipped Item 13 (173349,98,(),(6706),()) Misfiring Centurion Controller
Equipped Item 14 (175719,104,(),(6707,6901),()) Agthia's Void-Tinged Speartip
Equipped Item 15 (169223,133,(),(6276,1472),()) Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve
Equipped Item 16 (165628,115,(),(5844,1527,4786),()) Sentinel's Branch
Equipped Item 17 (0,0,(),(),())
Equipped Item 18 (0,0,(),(),())]
Interesting Auras
Aura Caster GUID 1 [Player-3299-004E8630
Aura Spell ID 1 295365 Ancient Flame
Aura 2 Player-3299-004E8630,298268 Lucid Dreams
Aura 3 Player-3299-004E8630,296320] Strive for Perfection
PvP Stats
Honor Level 1 UnitHonorLevel()
Season 0 Possibly only applicable in Arena
Rating 0
Tier 0

On a character with Shadowlands-specific powers, the Artifact Trait part is replaced with:

Param Example Description
Soulbind ID [18 Forgelite Prime Mikanikos
Covenant ID 1 Kyrian
Anima Powers
Anima Spell ID 1 [(343203 Ringing Doom
Maw Power ID 1 335 GetMawPowerLinkBySpellID()
Count 1 1)
Anima Power 2 (348511,1432,1) Bloodgorged Leech
Anima Power 3 (333759,995,1) Leather Apron
Anima Power 4 (295965,56,1) Curious Miasma
Anima Power 5 (315288,357,1) Frostbite Wand
Anima Power 6 (313833,264,1) Shadowblade's Gift
Anima Power 7 (333505,1002,1) Rupturing Spike
Anima Power 8 (295068,49,1)] Abundance of Phantasma
Soulbind Traits
Soulbind Trait 1 [(1379) Finesse Conduit
Soulbind Trait 2 (1380) Endurance Conduit
Soulbind Trait 3 (1381) Potency Conduit
Soulbind Trait 4 (1408) Forgelite Filter
Soulbind Trait 5 (1410) Hammer of Genesis
Soulbind Trait 6 (1414) Endurance Conduit
Soulbind Trait 7 (1416) Regenerating Materials
Soulbind Trait 8 (1418)] Forgelite Prime's Expertise
Conduit Spells
Conduit ID 1 [(233 Quick Decisions
Conduit Level 1 200)
Conduit 2 (231,213) Recuperator
Conduit 3 (244,213) Count the Odds
Conduit 4 (230,213)]] Nimble Fingers

Event Descriptions[]


Event Prefix Description
SPELL_ Spell is the prefix for most effects even if the spell is a DoT or channeled. IE when the spell begins to be cast, SPELL_CAST_START is fired and not SPELL_PERIODIC_CAST_START. This is the same with _MISS, _FAILED, etc.
SPELL_PERIODIC Only the effects that are periodic start with this PREFIX. IE: Successfully casting a DoT only happens once therefore even though the spell is periodic use the SPELL_ prefix. However, the damage is periodic so it will start with SPELL_PERIODIC_. 90% of the time you will only care about _DAMAGE or _HEAL.
SPELL_BUILDING Wrath-Logo-Small damage or healing that can affect destructable buildings.


Event Suffix Description
_DAMAGE Triggered on damage to health. Nothing Special. (overkill returns a number greater than or equal to zero)
_MISSED Triggered When Effect isn't applied but mana/energy is used IE: ABSORB BLOCK DEFLECT DODGE EVADE IMMUNE MISS PARRY REFLECT RESIST
_HEAL Triggered when a unit is healed
_HEAL_ABSORBED Triggered when a spell absorbs the healing done by another spell. Extra info is provided for the healer and the heal spell, as well as the amount absorbed.
_ENERGIZE Any effect that restores power. Spell/trinket/item set bonuses can trigger this event. IE: Vampiric Touch, or Mark of Defiance (Trinket)
_DRAIN Same as _ENERGIZE but this time you are losing power. Caused by enemies.
_LEECH Same as _DRAIN, but the source unit will simultaneously receive the same kind of power (specified in extraAmount)
_INTERRUPT Spellcasting being interrupted by an ability such as Kick or Pummel.
_DISPEL A buff or debuff being actively dispelled by a spell like Remove Curse or Dispel Magic. The source is the caster of the aura that was dispelled, and the destination is the target which was dispelled (needs verifying).
_DISPEL_FAILED A failed attempt to dispel a buff or debuff, most likely due to immunity.
_STOLEN A buff being transferred from the destination unit to the source unit (i.e. mages' Spellsteal).
_EXTRA_ATTACKS Unit gains extra melee attacks due to an ability (like Sword Sepcialization or Windfury). These attacks usually happen in brief succession 100-200ms following this event.
_AURA_APPLIED Triggered When Buffs/Debuffs are Applied. Note: This event doesn't fire if a debuff is applied twice without being removed. IE: casting Vampiric Embrace twice in a row only triggers this event once. This can make it difficult to track whether a debuff was successfully reapplied to the target. However, for instant cast spells, SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS can be used.
_AURA_REMOVED Triggered When Buffs/Debuffs expire. The souce is the caster of the aura which faded, and the destination is the target from which the aura faded (needs verifying).
_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE Triggered by stacking Debuffs if the debuff is already applied to a target. IE: If you cast Mind Flay twice it causes 2 doses of shadow vunerability, the first time it will trigger, SPELL_AURA_APPLIED (arg10 = shadow vulnerability), and SPELL_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE (arg10 = shadow vunerability) the second. The last argument reflects the new number of doses on the unit.
_AURA_REMOVED_DOSE The opposite of _AURA_APPLIED_DOSE, reducing the amount of doses on a buff/debuff on the unit.
_AURA_REFRESH Resets the expiration timer of a buff/debuff on the unit.
_AURA_BROKEN A buff or debuff is being removed by melee damage. The source is the name of the caster of the aura that was broken, and the destination is the target which the aura broke off of (needs verifying).
_AURA_BROKEN_SPELL A buff or debuff is being removed by spell damage (specified in extraSpell...). Source and destination is the same as the above.
_CAST_START Triggered when a spell begins casting. Instant spells don't invoke this event. They trigger _CAST_SUCCESS, _FAILED instead.
_CAST_SUCCESS Triggered when an instant spell is cast or when a spellcast finishes and doesn't fail. This isn't triggered when the spell misses. On a miss SPELL_MISS will be triggered instead.
_CAST_FAILED If the cast fails before it starts (IE invalid target), then _CAST_START never triggers. However it is possible for a cast to fail after beginning. (IE you jump, move, hit escape etc.)
_INSTAKILL Immediately kills the destination unit (usually happens when warlocks sacrifice their minions).
_CREATE Creates an object (as opposed to an NPC who are 'summoned') like a hunter's trap or a mage's portal.
_SUMMON Summmons an NPC such as a pet or totem.
_DISSIPATES Fires when Gas Clouds are being extracted with Zapthrottle Mote Extractor

Special Events[]

Event Description
UNIT_DIED destGUID and destName refer to the unit that died.
PARTY_KILL includes both sourceGUID and destGUID, but only reports for you (not in a party) or your other 4 party members (not raid members)

Patch changes[]


Shadowlands Patch 9.2.0 (2022-02-22): Added Cosmic spell school.
Shadowlands Patch 9.0.1 (2020-10-13): Chromatic was changed from 124 to 62, possibly in a previous patch.[4]
Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0.1 (2018-07-17): COMBAT_LOG_EVENT and CLEU no longer have any payload, which is now returned by CombatLogGetCurrentEventInfo(). The payload itself is unchanged. [1]
Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.1.0 (2015-02-24): Additional parameters: recapID is added to UNIT_DIED; and unconsciousOnDeath is added to UNIT_DIED, UNIT_DESTROYED and UNIT_DISSIPATES.[2]
Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): The environmental types are now a non-localized, proper-case strings instead of capitalized ones (e.g. "Falling" instead "FALLING").
Cataclysm Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Added two new parameters, sourceRaidFlags and destRaidFlags, after sourceFlags and destFlags respectively.
Cataclysm Patch 4.1.0 (2011-04-26): Added hideCaster, after the event param.
Bc icon Patch 2.4.0 (2008-03-25): Reworked to support filters and the terse format. [3]


Bc icon Patch 2.5.1 (2021-05-18): The spellId parameter is provided again in Burning Crusade Classic.
WoW Icon update Hotfix (2020-06-22): The Combat Log is no longer restricted for dungeons and raids. The open world remains restricted to 50 yards.
WoW Icon update Hotfix (2019-11-20): The Combat Log is restricted to events within 50 yards of the player. (Build 32600)
WoW Icon update Patch 1.13.2 (2019-08-26): The spellId parameter is defunct in vanilla, returning 0 to resemble the pre-2.4.0 combat log.


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