Cache of Storms

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For the Ulduar chest, see Cache of Storms (Ulduar).
Cache of Storms

Cache of Storms is a lootable chest located in Throne of Thunder. It appears after Ra-den is defeated.


Item Type Description
 [Archaic Protector's Legguards] Plate leggings Tank
 [Black Night Thundercloak] Cloak Spirit
 [Bubbling Anima Belt] Plate belt Spirit
 [Carapace of the Core] Plate chest Strength DPS
 [Chains of Counted Souls] Mail chest Caster
 [Chestguard of Coruscating Blades] Leather chest Agility
 [Cosmicfire Legwraps] Leather leggings Agility
 [Cracklesnap Clasp] Plate belt Tank
 [Detonation Cord] Cloth belt Spirit
 [Flare-Forged Greatbelt] Plate belt Strength DPS
 [Grey Wind Mistcloak] Cloak Agility
 [Hypersensitive Sollerets] Plate boots Spirit
 [Jingling Fetishgirdle] Mail belt Agility
 [Kilt of Perpetual Genuflection] Leather leggings Spirit
 [Leggings of the Discarded Warning] Cloth leggings Caster
 [Legguards of Awaked Repair] Mail leggings Spirit
 [Legguards of Surreal Visions] Cloth leggings Spirit
 [Legplates of Lightning Blood] Plate leggings Strength
 [Lightning-Walker Clawfeet] Plate boots Tank
 [Longdraw Chain Belt] Mail belt Caster
 [Nova-Binder Breastplate] Plate chest Caster
 [Planet-Birthed Cuirass] Plate chest Tank
 [Ra-den's Contemplative Loop] Ring Tank
 [Ra-den's Evolving Signet] Ring Spirit
 [Ra-den's Ruinous Ring] Ring Strength
 [Ra-den's Summoning Band] Ring Caster DPS
 [Ra-den's Swift Seal] Ring Agility
 [Red Sky Cloudcloak] Cloak Caster DPS
 [Robes of Contagious Time] Leather chest Caster
 [Robes of Nova] Cloth chest Caster DPS
 [Roots of Pain] Leather boots Caster
 [Sabatons of the Superior Being] Plate boots Strength DPS
 [Scales of Shaped Flesh] Mail chest Agility
 [Sparkstring Chain Leggings] Mail leggings Agility
 [Starburner Robes] Cloth chest Caster
 [Starwalker Sandals] Cloth boots Caster
 [Strap of Murderous Strikes] Leather belt Agility
 [Time-Lost Greaves] Plate leggings Spirit
 [Treads of Delicate Fascia] Cloth boots Spirit
 [Treads of the Sanguine Volley] Mail boots Agility
 [Twist-Toe Tabi] Leather boots Agility
 [Vita-Binder Wrap] Cloth belt Caster DPS
 [White Snow Skycloak] Cloak Tank
 [Worldbender Waistband] Leather belt Spirit
 [World-Mote Sabatons] Mail boots Spirit
 [Yellow Dawn Lightningcloak] Cloak Strength DPS

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