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Ythisens's avatar
Role Community Manager
"I know its like 12 AM here... but the thought about what a little Draenei spacegoat yelling "For the Horde" would sound like is keeping me up at night.[1]"

Caden House, also known as Ythisens, was Assistant Community Manager for the NA World of Warcraft forums at Blizzard Entertainment. He was introduced to the community by Ornyx on September 26, 2017.[2]

He was laid off on February 12, 2019[3] as part of a restructuring by Activision Blizzard.[4]

On December 2, 2019, Caden announced that he'd been hired by Electronic Arts to work as a community manager for BioWare.[5]


  • Although he has played various characters throughout throughout the years, House favors his paladin character.
  • He was previously a Game Master.
  • His birthday is May 4th, which coincides with Star Wars Day.[6]
  • He loves sweet tea, which he attributes to being a native of Texas.[7]


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