HordeCall of Earth
Start Seer Ravenfeather
End Seer Ravenfeather
Level 4 (Requires 4)
Category Shaman
Experience 270
Next H Shaman [4] Call of Earth


Bring 2 applications of Ritual Salve to Seer Ravenfeather in Camp Narache.


The time has come, young <class>. Your body ages and grows strong, and your spirit endures like the earth. I see it within you-you have wisdom already.

The earth guides our people, and it speaks to us, as it will to you in time. But you must be tested. If you are ready, then you shall see things only our kind know of.

Seek out the Bristleback shamans in their ravine to the east, and take from them a salve they use in their rituals. Return to me only when you have enough for your own potion.


The earth is patient, and will wait for you until you are ready because she knows in time all things erode and are reborn. It is the cycle of things. Mountains become deserts. Rivers become canyons. The earth is the most stubborn and wise of all the elements.

You must learn patience and stamina above all things. The earth calls for you now because she feels you are ready. Consider this your rebirth if you succeed. You will never be able to go back to ignorance afterwards.


Good, <name>. Your return here signifies that you are indeed prepared for the next step.

Of all the elements, earth represents the foundation of all things. It is your strength, your stamina, and your patience. The Earth Mother will protect you, but only if you show her proper respect. She is the basis for life, and by observing her laws, you will gain a greater wisdom. Never forget the secrets she shares with you.

I shall make your sapta for you now, and by accepting it, a new path will open before you.




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