Call of Water (Exodar, 3)

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AllianceCall of Water
Start Aqueous
End Aqueous
Level 20 (Requires 20)
Category Shaman
Experience 1550
Previous A Shaman [20] Call of Water
Next A Shaman [24] Call of Water

In this third part of the Shaman Call of Water questchain, Aqueous asks you to collect Foul Essences.


Collect 6 Foul Essences and return them to Aqueous in the Hidden Reef at Bloodmyst Isle.


In balance with the other elements, water is the source and sustenance of all living things. It gives and nurtures life, and all rely upon it for their existence. Yet, when polluted, it also brings life to an end.

We must determine the extent of the damage that has been done. To the southwest is one such contaminated body of water that has come to be known as the Foul Pool. Travel there and extract the foul essence from the water spirits that inhabit the pool.


Have you collected the foul essences of my unfortunate sisters so soon, <name>?


Thank you, Shaman. These should be enough so that I can examine this corruption. Then we will have a better idea of how to proceed.


1550 XP.


Foul Essences drop from Fouled Water Spirits found West of Axxarien, in and around the Foul Pool. It should be noted that these mobs are immune to [Frost Shock], but [Flame Shock] still works well. It's also been commented that you should kill these mobs in the water for the item to drop, though that may not be completely necessary.


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