Call of Water (Exodar, 5)

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AllianceCall of Water
Start Aqueous
End Aqueous
Level 23 (Requires 20)
Category Shaman
Experience 1850
Previous Call of Water
Next Call of Water

This is the fifth part in the six-part questchain Call of Water. Aqueous has worked out what the cause of the corruption is, and would like you to put an end to it.


Bring the  [Head of Tel'athion] to Aqueous in the Hidden Reef at Bloodmyst Isle.


I have determined where the corruption is coming from. It is the by-product of some demented research and you're going to put an end to it!

Just to the southwest of the Foul Pool is a small camp. There you will find the 'research' of Tel'athion the Impure. This is where he produces the filth that has been seeping into the island's water.

Use the pure water you obtained from Ashenvale to destroy his cache of barrels. That will be sure to bring him out.

We will have an end to this!


Have you succeeded?


It is done then! The crisis is averted and you have put in motion the restoration of the water on Bloodmyst Isle. Over time, the water, in conjunction with the other elements, will heal itself.

It is unfortunate that the blood elves cannot see that by contaminating their surroundings they're killing themselves off as well!


1850 experience.


Tel'athion the Impure is immune to interruption from [Earth Shock]. He does around ~70dmg/sec for 5sec and his Fireballs and Frostbolts hit for around 120 damage each.


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