Call to Arms: Eye of the Storm (Alliance)

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AllianceCall to Arms: Eye of the Storm
Start Alliance Alliance Brigadier General
End Alliance Alliance Brigadier General
Level 70 (Requires 61)
Type PvP Daily
Category Daily PvP
Rewards +419 Honor Points
11g 99s at level 70

One of the daily battleground PvP quests for money and bonus [Honor Points]. See Event calendar on the official site for which battleground has the daily PvP quest.


Win an Eye of the Storm battleground match and return to an Alliance Brigadier General at any Alliance capital city or Shattrath.

  • Victory in the Eye of the Storm


The fight against the Horde knows no boundaries, <name>. Even in Outland, territorial disputes and old hatreds are enough to tip the scales in favor of war.

Go into the Eye of the Storm and make sure the Alliance prevails in Outland just like it has in Azeroth.