Alliance & HordeCalligraphy
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Type Tortollan World Quest
Reputation +175 Tortollan Seekers
+75 with zone faction

Calligraphy is a world quest offered by Scrollsage Nola at each of the six zones of Kul Tiras and Zandalar.



Scrollsage Nola says: Before a young tortollan can inscribe their first scroll, they need to practice their basic shapes. Can you show these little ones how it's done?


Depending on zone and player faction, you will receive:

You will also receive one of the following:


  • Scrollsage Nola says: Your line work is impressing the children. Look at their little eyes light up!
  • Scrollsage Nola says: Splendid job! You know, if this adventuring business doesn't work out, you'd make an excellent school teacher.


Nola appears in one of six locations, and asks you to draw a shape on the ground. The specific shape depends on the location and the player's faction.

An outline will be shown on the ground for a brief moment, and you must run along the outline as close as possible to complete the shape.

If you fail:

  • Scrollsage Nola says: Hmm. I've seen worse... but I'm sure you could do better.
  • Scrollsage Nola says: Oh, no no no. That's not setting a good example for the young ones!

Speak to Nola again and ask to try again.

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