NeutralCalling the Ancients
Start Varlan Highbough [44.4, 88.8]
End Elderlimb [26.0, 61.3]
Level 35
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 86750
Reputation +350 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards 18g 80s
Previous N [35] Druids of the Talon and N [35] The Shadow Wardens
Next N [35] Aid of the Ancients

Completing this quest opens up the daily quest Strike at the Heart.


Obtain 125 Marks of the World Tree.


The ancients await in Hyjal. The Firelands will prove a dangerous place for them considering their... composition, but their strength will be of great use to us if we are to face any of Ragnaros' lieutenants.

Gather your marks, and seek out Elderlimb at the Sanctuary of Malorne. If they are to march with us, he would be the one leading them through the portal.


You will receive: 18g 80s


Greetings to you, young one.


I understand. We are prepared. We shall join the march and meet you on the far side of the portal.


You will receive:


Upon completion of both N [35] Druids of the Talon and N [35] The Shadow Wardens, Varlan will phase in on the west side of Malfurion's Breach, south of the empty moonwell.

During this phase, players can earn a maximum of 27 marks each day, so this quest will take five days to complete.

Upon completing the quest, the following dialog occurs:

Elderlimb says: Yes, <class>. We foresaw this day long ago, and we are ready.
Elderlimb says: We cannot let Deathwing win. Should he triumph in this war, then all life will perish.
Elderlimb says: Come, protectors! We lend the strength of the ancients to this battle! And we shall not fall!

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