NeutralCallous Concoctions
Start Foul-Tongue Cyrlix [58.5, 73.5]
End Foul-Tongue Cyrlix [58.5, 73.5]
Level 53 (Requires 53)
Type Weekly
Category Maldraxxus
Experience 7,200
Reputation +135 The Undying Army
Rewards 36g 50s 40c
Previous N [53W] Pool of Potions


Deliver any combination of Mephitic Goo, Viscous Oil or Miscible Ooze to the Pool of Mixed Monstrosities.

  • Oozing Ingredients collected from slimes (3)
  • Oozing Ingredients thrown into Pool of Mixed Monstrosities (3)


I witnessed your success with the Pool of Potions, and I think you could be of help. Within this larger pool, we create more dangerous mixtures!

There are three different oozing ingredients we mix together in different combinations to create violent creatures. When enough ingredients have been added to the pool, the mixture takes shape and a creature will emerge!

Bring any combination of these ingredients, Mephitic Goo, Viscous Oil, or Miscible Ooze to the Pool of Mixed Monstrosities.


You will receive:


Have you completed the mixture?


You may continue to add as many ingredients as you wish. The more we add, the more we create!


On accept:

Foul-Tongue Cyrlix says: You may find Mephitic Goo and Miscible Ooze difficult to find.
On completion
Foul-Tongue Cyrlix says: There is much mixing to be done! You can always contribute more ingredients to our efforts.


  1. N [53] The House of Plagues
  2. N [53] Bug Bites and N [53] Spores Galore
  3. N [53] Slime, Anyone?
  4. N [53] Hazardous Waste Collection, N [53] Plague is Thicker Than Water, and N [53] Applied Science
  5. N [53] By Any Other Name
    • Optional weekly unlocks:
    1. N [53] A Plague on Your House
    2. N [53W] Pool of Potions
    3. N [53W] Callous Concoctions
  6. N [53] Fit For a Margrave
  7. N [53] Fathomless Power

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
  • Viscous Oil, Mephitic Goo or Miscible Ooze delivered to the Pool (3)

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