Candy is sweet treat food item (using the term 'food' loosely, although in WoW, unlike real life, candy is good for you.) Candy is odd because it is not one of the six main types of food in WoW, but there are quite a few examples of candy and it is available from vendors. Candy is most often encountered at holiday events.

Presumably, since candy is not one of the food types that are referenced as being able to be eaten by hunter pets, hunters cannot feed candy to their pets.

Like other kinds of food, not all candy is food (provides health recovery over time). Some are consumables with an instant effect, some are cosmetic, and some are quest items.

In WoW, candy is defined by real world analogy and flavor text, who vends it, and the holiday contexts where it is used. It seems that WoW uses a broader definition of sweets than just candy, so ice cream cones are candy in WoW.


Some candy items are quest objects.


  • Players can often loot candy during holiday events.
  • Candy can be gotten as quest rewards during holiday events.
  • Players can purchase candy from candy vendors during holiday events.
  • Candy type foods can be created by cooks using seasonal recipes obtained during holiday events.
    • These can be made any time, but some of the ingredients are only available during the holiday event.

Food candy

 [Tigule's Strawberry Ice Cream] is available all year round from Neutral Brivelthwerp <Ice Cream Vendor> at the Mirage Raceway in Thousand Needles, and from Alliance Caregiver Isel <Innkeeper> and Horde Matron Tikkit <Innkeeper> in Nagrand for 5s.

During Love is in the Air, you may receive:

During Children's Week, Alliance Emmithue Smails <Sweet Treats> in Stormwind City and Horde Alowicious Czervik <Sweet Treats> in Orgrimmar vend candy.

During Hallow's End, Alliance Katrina Shimmerstar <Hallow's End Treats> in Ironforge and Horde Rachelle Gothena <Hallow's End Treats> in Orgrimmar vend candy.

(also see Non-food candy below)

During Hallow's End, candy may be looted from [Treat Bags] given out by innkeepers in Azeroth and Outland.

(These used to also be included in the [Smashed Pumpkin Loot] rewards, but as of 2009, these items no longer available from that source.)

In 2009, a two day event, Day of the Dead was added. This has one candy item, [Candy Skull], which can be purchased from Chapman, the Day of the Dead vendor, found in graveyards near the eight faction cities, Shattrath, and Dalaran. The Skull Candies only last during the event, then disappear.

During Feast of Winter Veil, the Smokywood Pastures vendors in major cities vend candy canes, candy recipes, and other non-candy items.

Though you would 'drink' Winter Veil Egg Nog, it has the health benefits of a food, not the mana benefits of a drink.
But, like many drinks, Winter Veil Egg Nog is alcoholic.
Game-wise, both eat and drink are use actions.
Only real-world concept, flavor text, and benefit type distinguish food and drinks.

During Feast of Winter Veil, you may receive candy as loot from a [Carefully Wrapped Present] gift.

During Noblegarden, you can find and loot Brightly Colored Eggs. Most of these will contain one of:

Buffing candy

Some candy is not food (no health recovery over time) but is a buffing consumable like an elixir.

During Hallow's End, Alliance Katrina Shimmerstar <Hallow's End Treats> in Dun Morogh and Horde Rachelle Gothena <Hallow's End Treats> in Orgrimmar vend a non-food candy item.

They will only sell these to you if you complete AllianceA [1-60] Hallow's End Treats for Jesper! or HordeH [1-60] Hallow's End Treats for Spoops!.

During Hallow's End, [Hallow's End Pumpkin Treat] is also a quest reward from the following quests:

During Hallow's End, if you defeat the Headless Horseman, small pumpkin 'meteors' fall from the sky, landing on the party members. Each of these contains a small random number of:

During Hallow's End, each Inn has a candy bucket on the floor that can be looted once per character for a [Handful of Candy]. Looting the candy bucket at each inn is a separate Candy Bucket quest.

[Crudely Wrapped Gift] can also contain a [Handful of Candy].

The Handful of Candy contains 0, 1, or 2 of each of the following:

Cosmetic candy

Some candy is just cosmetic; you see a message when you 'eat' it.

During Love is in the Air, you may receive:

Quest item candy

Quest items are items that are only quest objects. Quest items that look like food are not food, but food items can be quest objects.

Some candy is a quest item, and is not ingestible candy.

During Hallow's End, the quest objects of A [1-60] Hallow's End Treats for Jesper!

and H [1-60] Hallow's End Treats for Spoops!

look like candy and are talked about as if they were candy. They cannot be eaten.

Seasonal events

The candy schedule:

Azeroth Event Candy ? Time Period Related Earth Event
New Year No candy Dec 31 - Jan 1 (Gregorian) New Year's Eve
Lunar Festival No candy Varies (Spring) (Chinese) Lunar New Year
Love is in the Air Quest candy Feb 10th - Feb 15th Valentine's Day
Noblegarden Loot candy Varies (Easter) Easter
Children's Week Vended candy May 1 - May 7 Children's Day - Japan
Mother's Day - US, UK, and others
Midsummer Fire Festival No candy June 21 - July 5 Midsummer
Independence Day - US
Harvest Festival No candy Sept 8th - Sept 13th Harvest festival
Pirates' Day No candy Sept 19th International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Peon Day No candy (please verify) ??? EU Closed Beta anniversary (EU only)[1]
Brewfest No candy Sept 20th - Oct 4th Oktoberfest - Germany
Hallow's End Loot and vended candy Oct 18th - Nov 1st Halloween
Feast of Winter Veil Loot and vended candy Dec 15th - Jan 2nd Christmas
The Spirit of Competition No candy Once every two years Olympic Games