Captain's Log of the Queen's Reprisal

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  • Captain's Log of the Queen's Reprisal
  • Quest Item
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "Most of the log's pages are damaged, the writing ruined by the water. However, a few snippets of text here and there have survived."

The Captain's Log of the Queen's Reprisal is found in the Captain's Foot Locker of the sunken ship Queen's Reprisal in Azsuna.


<... ing Legion repelled from Orgrim...>

<... on the Broken Shore. I have every faith that my crew will bring glory to the forsaken and make the Dark Lady proud. We're half a da...>

<... barely survived. Queen Sylvanas has ordered the fleet to make way for Stormheim. I have a staff meeting with Admiral Harker on the Windrunner in an h...>

<... teresting to be certain. The queen is going to steal the very power of the v... or herself!>

<... separated by a massive storm. I've given the order to batten down the hatches and weather it. There's no sign of the fleet. Once the... [illegible text] ... we'll catch up and rendezvous at the...>

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