Captain Greenskin

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MobCaptain Greenskin
Image of Captain Greenskin
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Class Pirate
Affiliation(s) Defias Brotherhood, Bloodsail Buccaneers [citation needed] 
Occupation Captain
Location Ironclad Cove, Deadmines
Status Deceased (lore)
Killable WoW Icon update.png
Companion(s) Mr. Smite (First Mate)
Deadmines (Classic)

Miner Johnson (rare)
Sneed's Shredder
Captain Greenskin
Mr. Smite
Edwin VanCleef


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Captain Greenskin was a level 20 elite goblin in the Deadmines. Captain Greenskin was a goblin captain in the employ of Edwin VanCleef. His first mate was Mr. Smite, and the cook aboard his ship was Cookie. He was found in the Deadmines, along with two guards. He was killed by an Alliance party on their raid of the deadmines.

Combat Info

Greenskin paced up and down the deck of his ship, and it was difficult (but not impossible) to pull him without also attracting his minions. Players had to take caution on the trash pulls just prior to Greenskin; it was very easy to accidentally pull Greenskin as well. When fighting against him and his minions, players could sap and polymorph adds, and focus on Greenskin. The tank also should keep Greenskin away from casters because of his cleave.


  • Ability warrior cleave.png  Cleave — Inflicts 110% of normal melee damage to an enemy and its nearest ally. 
  • Ability poisons.png  Poisoned Harpoon — Inflicts normal damage plus 30 to an enemy, then an additional 45 Nature damage every 10 sec. for 1 min. 


Notable Loot
Inv staff 13.png [Emberstone Staff] Inv belt 26.png [Blackened Defias Belt]
Inv spear 07.png [Impaling Harpoon]


Greenskin's body in Cataclysm
Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

It is revealed Greenskin was killed when a group of Alliance adventurers attacked the Deadmines. His body is viewable in A Vision of the Past. He, like all other goblins, was given the updated goblin model.



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