Captain Ironbeard

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For the real Captain Ironbeard, see Captain Ironbeard (Tanaan Jungle).
MobTorglork / "Captain Ironbeard"
Image of Torglork / "Captain Ironbeard"
Title Scourge of the Iron Seas
First Mate (formerly)
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 35-40 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Iron Horde
Occupation Captain
Location Ironfist Harbor, Nagrand
Status Killable

Captain Ironbeard is found on deck of the dreadnaught at Ironfist Harbor in Nagrand. The first time killed, he will drop  [Iron Buccaneer's Hat],  [Ironbeard's Blunderbuss] and some [Garrison Resources].


In Zorammarsh in Tanaan Jungle, players can find the corpse of Trogra, the Third Mate. Next to her lies a Sea-kissed Scroll, which reveals that the Captain Ironbeard players fought in Nagrand is actually the First Mate, Torglork. Due to wanting a greater share of the loot after a day of plunder, Torglork convinced the rest of the crew to commit mutiny and murder Ironbeard. Torglork thereafter assumed his identity, before the entire crew was reassigned to Ironfist Harbor.

Trogra went along with it to prevent being killed, but in secret she bribed a warlock to use a magical ritual and "enchanted thing" to bring Ironbeard back to life... mostly. Players can find the reanimated skeleton of the real Captain Ironbeard in the Grotto of the Double-crossed Captain within the Cave of Betrayal.


  • Inv misc bomb 02.png  High Explosive Grenade — Lobs a grenade that inflicts 6 Fire damage to enemies within 5 yards. 
  • Ability deathwing shrapnel.png  Shrapnel Blast — Fires an explosive slag round, inflicting 3 Fire damage to enemies within 20 yards. 


  • You fools! How could you dump mines into the harbor?!
  • I should be out there killing the White Kraken but instead I'm here cleaning up this mess! Get more orcs down there!
  • The White Kraken could attack at any time! I need those mines loaded now!
  • If those mines aren't cleared by daybreak tomorrow I will fire on the dock I swear!
  • I want the head of the orc that dumped those mines into the harbor!
Old Torglork has sent hundreds like you to the depths! Time to join them!
It's no safer under my guns, my blades are just as dangerous!
But who... will stop... the White Kraken...


  • He seems to have an obsession with a creature called the White Kraken, much like Captain Ahab and the White Whale in the story of Moby Dick.

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