HordeCaptain Rez'okun
Image of Captain Rez'okun
Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire
Occupation Captain
Location Various
Status Alive

Captain Rez'okun is a Zandalari troll located in Dazar'alor, Freehold, the Uncharted Island, and other isles.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Dazar'alor 110 - 120 ?? - 47,635
Uncharted Island 120 4,323,000
Island Expedition 112 - 122 5,473,500
Freehold 120 43,230


Objective of



  • Are you ready for the epic journey?
  • A day when you see no land is a good ting.
  • Ah, it's you.
  • Taz'okun! Welcome traveler.
  • Can you taste the salt in the air? Now you are home.
  • Weather the storm you cannot avoid, avoid the storm you cannot weather.
  • Living on the land much be such a sad little life for you.
  • Wanna be meeting Bwonsamdi?
  • Go wit da wind. Find new horizons.
  • Fair winds and following seas too.
  • Beware: the seas are calling me.
  • I'll be seeing you.
  • May yourselves be full of wind, and your soul fill of purpose.


Got word there be plenty of Azerite out there, waitin' for us. All we gotta do is take it, an dat's up to you.
If ya get killed, I got dibs on your hat! Ha ha!


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Island Expeditions
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  • A huge chunk of Azerite just burst from de ground. Get over dere! Ha ha!
  • A saurok warband is coming right up out of de water. Dey are looking to get de Azerite, too.
  • Ah, we have got enough. Let us get out of here.
  • Ah, yeah, dat's a big chunk. Go ahead and mine it. We will get de Azerite back on de ship in no time.
  • Almost dere. Dis is de island dat our scouts say holds a lot of Azerite.
  • Another ship is on de horizon. Looks like pirates. You better make quick work of dem before dey steal all our plunder.
  • Ay, de device is going crazy over here! Must be a big load of Azerite out dere.
  • Ay, we caught de attention of some powerful elementals. Keep a lookout for de leader!
  • Ay, we have got a lot of Azerite over here. You had best check it out.
  • Bah! We have to go now. You will get dem next time.
  • Big swarm of bugs, incoming. Watch yourselves out dere... dey are here for de same thing we are.
  • Dat is all we need. Time to shove off! Ah ha ha!
  • Dat's a big monster, and it's coated with Azerite residue. Slay dat thing, and we'll get de Azerite from it.
  • Dat's de way. We will have our hull full in no time.
  • De detector is on! Check your map for Azerite concentrations.
  • De device is up. You should be able to see all de Azerite now.
  • De hull is full. Unfurl de sails and head for home!
  • De hull is half full. Keep it up and we will be done in no time!
  • De hull is nearly full. Just a bit more and we will be done.
  • De machine is showing some Azerite close by. Get yourself out dere and take a look around.
  • De other ship looks like it will be leaving soon. We must move fast.
  • De planks are down, friends. We'll get de detector online.
  • Dat's all of it. Looks like we cleared out dis island, and not a moment too soon. Dere is a Kul Tiran ship on de horizon.
  • Ah, yeah, dat's a big chunk. Go ahead and mine it. We will get de Azerite back on de ship in no time.
  • De Venture Company is looking to set up an operation on dis island. You may want to stop dem.
  • Dere are some strange movements in de waves. Looks like de saurok just showed up... a lot of dem.
  • Dere is a pirate crew making landfall, looking for de same loot we are. Be careful.
  • Dere you go, dat's a nice haul. Good job.
  • Dis is de place. Get to it, de Azerite's waiting for you!
  • Dis is no normal quake! Azerite is bleeding out somewhere nearby.
  • Dis is no normal weather. Dere must be a mighty elemental coming for our Azerite!
  • Do you hear dat? De mantid are here, searching for Azerite too. Don't get stung! Ha ha!
  • Gather what you can. We will have to shove off soon!
  • Get de planks up! We are shipping out! Nice job out dere.
  • Getting foggy out here, and dat is no normal mist. Kvaldir will be here soon.
  • Got about half de ship left to fill. Keep your eyes sharp!
  • Hey friends, de Venture Company is here. Looks like dey are setting up camp right now.
  • Hey, someone else just showed up. Looks like vrykul raiders. Watch out.
  • Hozen! Ha! You never know who's going to show up in dese places.
  • It is getting hot out dere. Must be a lord of fire, here to take our Azerite. You will want extinguish him before our sails catch fire. Ha ha.
  • It looks like dat Kul Tiran ship is almost full. We are going to have to leave soon.
  • Looks like dere's another source of Azerite near you. Probably want to check dat out next.
  • Looks like dey are after de Azerite, too. Let's go ahead and sneak out before dey notice us. We have to report back about dis.
  • Lower de gangplanks. Dis is de place.
  • Must be a lord of de elements behind dis. Slay dem... and take their Azerite, too!
  • Nice job out dere today! You showed dem, ah ha ha!
  • One of de mogu is coming for our Azerite. Keep your eyes open for raiding parties.
  • Rotting boats are sailing in, and dey stink of kvaldir. Dey are here for our Azerite.
  • Saw some serpents flying in from a bit off. Mogu will be here soon.
  • Seems dey have been collecting de Azerite, too. Dat's good for us... it's all in one spot, ha! Go ahead and take it from dem.
  • Ship's docked. Don't get yourselves killed out dere, heh heh.
  • Some island trolls just arrived. Looking to loot de island, I bet. Keep your heads on.
  • Spotted a huge bunch of Azerite just around de corner from you. You will have to take a look at dat now.
  • Vrykul longboats are making landfall. A raiding party. Dey are after our stash.
  • We are almost done. You are doing well!
  • We are done! Ay, take a few shots at dat Alliance ship when we swing by. Ha ha ha ha!
  • We are here. Clear skies, great day for some exploring.
  • We are up and running now! Marking de Azerite nodes on your map.
  • We do not know what else is here, though. You have to watch your backs out dere.
  • We have island trolls coming ashore, and dey don't look friendly.
  • We have naga slithering ashore over here. A whole lot of dem are looking to plunder de isle.
  • We have sightings of naga. Must be all dis Azerite you gathered. Keep a look out.
  • You are doing great out dere. We are halfway done already!
  • You are nearly dere. Just keep your heads down for a little longer.
  • You cannot win every fight. Dat is just life.
  • Captain Vandegrim was known as a fearsome scallywag all up and down dese coasts. Rumor has it his greed was so powerful dat he is still plundering from beyond de grave.
  • De Blacktooth Brawlers love hardening their knuckles in a fight. You loosen their teeth, Captain Raoul is going to want you at de meeting.
  • I heard de captains are meeting. If we get into dat gathering, we cut off all de heads from dis hydra at once.
  • If you get an invitation, dis job will be easy. But rush in swinging at three of de most feared pirate captains all at once, things will be tough. Your decision, richmon.
  • Not even fish drink like de Bilge Rats! You keep up with dis zoo, Captain Eudora will want you at dat meeting.
  • Pirates have a habit of splitting their coins up in eighths. Might be lucky if you collect eight pieces for yourself! Should be plenty of loose treasure around Freehold.
H Herbalism [10-50] Cultural Significance (Herbalism quest)
  • Sea stalk, eh? Some of my crew makes sure dat their other half always has one when we ship out. I do not blame dem for wanting to keep their family from agonizing over their fate should something happen.


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  1. ^ Captain Rez'okun says: It has been years since I have seen a taunka. De last time did not end so well. Time for some payback!

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