Capture the Weapons

Alliance 32.pngCapture the Weapons
Start Ordinn Thunderfist
End Ordinn Thunderfist
Level 69 (Requires 67)
Type Group (3)
Category Shadowmoon Valley
Experience 12300 EXP
Rewards Inv boots cloth 09.png [Ashwalker's Footwraps] or
Inv shoulder 14.png [Azurestrike Shoulders] or
Inv belt 13.png [Darkhunter's Cinch] or
Inv bracer 14.png [Singed Vambraces]
4 Gold.png 10 Silver.png
Previous Inv stone 15.png [Illidari-Bane Shard]


Ordinn Thunderfist at Wildhammer Stronghold wants you to bring him Inv weapon shortblade 40.png [Makazradon's Glaive] and Inv weapon shortblade 47.png [Morgroron's Glaive].

Suggested Players [3]


With a larger supply of this material, we might be able to forge a weapon for you to use.

The two pit lords at Legion Hold, Makazradon and Morgroron, have already been equipped with these anti-demon weapons. We have no way of knowing how many more the Legion intends to produce, but if we can capture these prototypes, there should be enough for our project.

<Ordinn grins.>

There's a certain amount of satisfaction in using the Legion's own 'secret weapons' against them, don't you think?


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv boots cloth 09.png [Ashwalker's Footwraps] Inv shoulder 14.png [Azurestrike Shoulders]
Inv belt 13.png [Darkhunter's Cinch] Inv bracer 14.png [Singed Vambraces]

You will also receive:4 Gold.png 10 Silver.png


Did you capture those prototypes?


These should work nicely. Now, let's forge them into a more useful form.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. Both 15.png [69] Illidari-Bane Shard
  2. Both 15.png [69G3] Capture the Weapons
  3. Both 15.png [69] The Hermit Smith
  4. Neutral 15.png [69] Additional Materials
  5. Neutral 15.png [20-30D] Fresh from the Mechanar
  6. Neutral 15.png [20-30D] The Lexicon Demonica
  7. Neutral 15.png [20-30D] Tear of the Earthmother & Neutral 15.png [70D] Underworld Loam
  8. Neutral 15.png [70] Bane of the Illidari
  9. Neutral 15.png [70] Quenching the Blade
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