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The subject of this article or section is part of Midsummer Fire Festival, a seasonal event that lasts two weeks, after which it is no longer available until the next year.
  • Captured Flame
  • Unique
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.

A Spirit of Summer pet

The Captured Flame item teachers players how to summon the Spirit of Summer battle pet, a wisp companion. It closely resembles a night elf's wisp form, but in red. Purchase it for 350  [Burning Blossom]s during the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Pet journal

"This little piece of summer smells of warm evenings and lightning storms. If you look closely, you might be able to make out a face."


elemental Elemental: Ignores all negative weather effects. Enemy pets can still gain the beneficial effects from weather when facing an elemental.
+50% damage from Aquatic -33% damage from Mechanical
Level 1 Level 2 Level 4
[Burn] [Immolate] [Conflagrate]
▲▼ ▲▼ ▲▼
[Flame Breath] [Scorched Earth] [Immolation]
Level 10 Level 15 Level 20

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