• Cardboard Assassin
  • Requires Engineering
  • Tool:
     [Arclight Spanner]
  • Reagents:
  • Permanently attaches a tiny device on your belt, allowing you to create a Cardboard Assassin that enemies will attack. Lasts 15 sec. Can be used once every 5 min.

    Can only be used on your own belt, and doing so will cause it to become soulbound. Requires at least 450 skill in Engineering to use.
  • Cast time: 5 sec

Cardboard Assassin is an Engineer-only permanent Tinker to belts.

When used, it unleashes a cardboard guardian pet with 77k health that will taunt all nearby enemies (except bosses) and absorb damage for up to 15 seconds, or until it is destroyed.

It is randomly discovered when making Cataclysm-related Engineering items.

Materials required:
Inv misc enggizmos 17.png [Tinker's Kit]

Patch changes

Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Skill required lowered from 500 to 450. Materials required changed.

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