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Carelessly Dropped Note

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Carelessly Dropped Note.

The Carelessly Dropped Note is located just north of Galakrond's Rest in the Dragonblight during N Paladin [98 - 110] The Brother's Trail.


Carelessly Dropped Note

Ancient warnings be damned! I should have made this pilgrimage years ago. The spark of Tyr possesses... memories! It has granted me amazing visions of history.

It led me here, and showed me how the wounded Tyr was aided by his noble companion, Jotun. It was Jotun who helped replace the watcher's hand and engraved his warhammer with Tyr's new symbol. The stone giant still lives, wandering this broken pathway!

It is time to meet this Jotun. Once he recognizes the spark, I have no doubt the giant will aid our cause!

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