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Cartel Al Incident Report.

Cartel Al Incident Report can be found in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market in the northwestern part of the central open dungeon area, just before the stairs leading to Myza's Oasis next to some displays with books and scrolls strewn along the floor. It is a report by the broker Executor Al'hatar over a series of reports written by the broker Al'firim about the origins and structure of the cosmos.


To: Overseer Al'rilan


It is with tremendous disappointment that I pass along these notes written by the hand of the heretic Al'firim. Though members of the expedition had long referred to him as "the Mad Scribe," none of us suspected that his eccentricities concealed unlawful beliefs.

If he had, he would have been replaced immediately.

As you requested, I have not shared these writings with other members of the cartel. There is no need for them to be burdened by the depths of Al'firim's delusions.

Our mission remains focused on following the path of the First Ones and securing their secrets. It shall be seen whether the information leading to the Sepulcher proves to be on tangible value, but we will of course be diligent in our investigation.

Al'firim's replacement has already proposed an alternate method of translation that she assures me will yield favorable results, and I am confident our venture will yet prove profitable.

Considering that the secrecy of our mission demands our work be conducted at a slow, careful pace, progress is encouraging. The defensive matrix encoded into the artifacts we've discovered remains our primary obstacle.

I am pleased that no additional losses have been incurred since the last reported incident (which I still insist could have been avoided if Al'firim had focused his work on disabling the defenses instead of trying to justify his delusions).

Unfortunately, no further evidence has been found as to the whereabouts of the criminal himself nor those who made the unwise decision to join his doomed expedition. Let us hope that our operatives in Oribos find a solid lead that allows justice to be done.

Yours in faithful service,

Executor Al'hatar.

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