NeutralCartel Ve
Race(s) IconSmall Broker.gif Broker
Theater of operations Maw, Torghast, Tower of the Damned
Status Active

Cartel Ve is one of the broker cartels. They seem to operate mainly within Torghast, Tower of the Damned. For some time they have been sending agents into the Maw; a dangerous assignment, but the lure of information has a certain appeal to brokers.[1] For some reason they are searching for Ve'nari,[2] a former member who was assigned to the Maw. Though they claim she betrayed them,[3] Ve'nari implies she was the one who was betrayed.[4]

In her report to Overseer Ta'readon, Ta'lora described that Cartel Ve calculated the potential benefits to brave the Maw and seek out the Maw Walkers in order to gain knowledge, so they sent an expedition to the area, led by Ve'nari. After securing a defensible position, all communication with the expedition agents was severed. Ve'nari arranged the elimination of her fellow cartel members to secure exclusive access to her newfound resources.[5]


Former members