NeutralCartel Zo
Race(s) IconSmall Broker.gif Broker
Theater of operations Oribos
Status Active

Cartel Zo is one of the broker cartels. They seem to be primarily focused on security work, being the main peacekeepers in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. The hulking broker Zo'phex along with his guards work in the customs office in Tazavesh, making sure no contraband enters the city. Cartel Au has hired Zo'gron to work as a bouncer for Myza's Oasis, an exclusive club within the city. Other cartel members can also be seen throughout the city, most often as guards.

They have a presence in the Enclave in Oribos and they seem to be interested in observing how the Maw Walkers do battle, be it through arena, battlegrounds or in the world. One is seen helping Cartel Au and Cartel So obtain challenges for the Theater of Pain from another world.[1]

The members in the Enclave in Oribos seem to be delivering information to one they name "the Observer".[2]