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  • Cash Flow
  • Each time you loot money from an enemy, an extra 5/10% money is generated and deposited directly into your guild bank. In addition, completing guild challenges will reward gold directly to your guild bank.

Cash Flow was a Guild Perk that increased the guild bank's coffers. When a mob was looted for money by any guild member, a percentage of that money was created and placed directly into the guild bank. The player did not lose any gold from looting mobs. Rank 1, available at guild level 5, generated 5% additional money. Rank 2, at guild level 16, generated 10%.

The perk essentially allowed guilds to generated gold simply by having active members, and while this likely contributed to some degree to guild generosity such as free repairs, it also fueled some "degenerative player behavior".[1] Ion Hazzikostas blamed the perk for the slew of guild invites received by many players upon creating an alt, due to guilds wanting to gain as much income from players as possible.[1] The result was that players were bombarded with invites to guilds, in order to generate gold and levelling benefits for the guild which were for the most part not passed on to the players themselves.[1] The perk was therefore removed along with guild advancement in Patch 6.0.2.

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