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A caster is a character which cast spells. The lore behind classes with this ability traditionally draw upon references to the literary figure Merlin the Wizard, a sorcerer from ages past.

In World of Warcraft, the following classes are able to cast spells:

Mana, a magical power resource used when casting, is available to all of the above classes.

  • Hunters used to use mana for their spells, though they weren't considered casters. They now use Focus.
  • Death knights can also be classified as casters, however they use runes and runic power instead of mana, and, like hunters, none of their abilities scale with spell power.

Other meanings[]

Occasionally, the term caster is used contextually in a more restrictive sense than the one offered by the dictionary definition above:

  1. In relation to large raid dungeons, i.e. Molten Core, 'casters' often refers to players that do not need to be within melee range of enemy targets and which are reliant upon mana (and thus have specific requirements with regards to mana regeneration).
  2. In relation to smaller dungeons, "caster" is usually used synonymously with nuker, typically mages or warlocks, since other classes with spell casting abilities would be referred to specifically as healers.
  3. In relation to PvP, a "caster" is often synonymous with a character wearing cloth armor and relying on spells as their primary damage capacity, namely mages, warlocks and priests.
  4. In relation to PvE, a "caster" is often synonymous with a magic-wielding mob, usually singled-out because of their low armor class, high damage potential and difficulty to tank, as in "Target the casters first."
  5. In relation to Hunter pets, certain tameable beasts (those with a mana bar while still wild) are sometimes referred to as "caster pets". These pets have higher intellect and spirit, and lower health, armor, and DPS than most other pets — and as such are regarded by some as inferior to other pets.

Even when the context is known, "caster" can be a vague term. The only safe assumption that can be made is that it will never be used to refer to a rogue or warrior.

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