Castle Nathria: Getting a Head

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NeutralCastle Nathria: Getting a Head
Start General Draven
End General Draven
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Raid
Category Castle Nathria
Experience 10,200
Rewards 51g 48s

Castle Nathria: Getting a Head is the usual raid shortcut quest. Defeat Sludgefist four times in the same difficulty to unlock a shortcut to Sludgefist again in future resets. There are three versions of this quest, one for each non-Raid Finder difficulty, and they all track progress separately. However, should players skip ahead and kill four times on Mythic, they will unlock the shortcuts on Normal and Heroic.


Collect 4 Sludgefist's Head from Sludgefist within Castle Nathria on <Normal / Heroic / Mythic> Difficulty.


We need to show Denathrius that we mean business. His dredger... pet... should do the trick.

Bring me his head. Four times should do it. Dredgers are curious creatures.


You will receive:

  • 51g 48s
  • 10,200 XP


I need the heads or we cannot make a profound statement.


With these I'm certain we'll catch the attention of Sire Denathrius.


Kill Sludgefist on four separate resets, then turn in to Draven. In the next week, and in resets going forward, kill Shriekwing then speak with Draven to instantly spawn Sludgefist, opening the way to the final two bosses of the raid.

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