Castle Ward

The Castle Ward is one of the seven district wards of Revendreth. It encompasses the central-northern plateau, with Castle Nathria at its center. It borders the Military and Ember Wards to the west, the Catacombs and Ceremony Wards to the east, and the Village and Forest Wards to the southeast and southwest respectively.

The Ward is ruled by the Harvester of Desire, currently The Countess, whose duty it is to manage the court and the needs of the nobility. The Council of Blood presides over courtly functions of Revendreth.

The Castle Ward connects with the Ember Ward through the Charred Ramparts, with Dominance Keep through the Bridge of Defiance, with the Halls of Atonement through the Absolution Bridge and Penance Bridge, with Darkhaven through Briar Gate, the The Banewood through a path next to Briar Gate and an elevator from the Charred Ramparts. Within the Castle Ward, the Eternal Terrace, where Redelav Tower is located, connects with Castle Nathria through the Bridge of Temptations, and Castle Nathria connects to Darkwall Tower through the Bridge of Paramountcy.

All the estates of the venthyr noble houses are found within the Castle Ward.



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Given part of the duties assigned to the Harvester of Desire is to maintain the selection of "savory souls", and the Afterlives: Revendreth cinematic pairs an image of Garrosh with the phrase "our old reliables, our work horses", and The Accuser mentions that Denathrius' experiments are amplifying sin,[1][2][3] it is possible that Garrosh is in the Sanguine Depths or in the Castle Ward otherwise.