Casual is generally a term for MMORPG players who play occasionally and like rulesets that make the game easier and more fun. Often used in contrast to the term hardcore.

They usually are the kind of people who are busy in real life, not heavily into gaming, or share an account with one or more people.

Blizzard has made some effort to accommodate casual gamers with features like rest bonus but also caters toward hardcore gamers by adding high-end raid content (usually 25- or 40-man) than other types. Compared to many MMORPG games, World of Warcraft is very casual-friendly based on the vast amount of initial content and territory, as well as solo-friendly content.

A common complaint among some casual players is the difficulty in getting high-end gear (without committing hardcore amounts of time) either by repeatedly raiding for random epic drops or attaining sufficient honor points in PvP to acquire competitive epic gear.

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