World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Soundtrack
Cataclysm OST Cover art.jpg
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Released December 7, 2010
Length 01:17:49
Label Azeroth Music
Producer Russell Brower

The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Soundtrack was composed and arranged by Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Neal Acree and David Arkenstone. It was released together with the collector's edition of the game. The soundtrack can also be purchased via iTunes.


Without warning, Deathwing the Destroyer has emerged from the bowels of Deepholm in the Elemental Plane, unleashing a wave of destruction that has changed Azeroth forever. As the Horde and the Alliance strive to persevere, increasing hostilities between the two factions threaten to leave the world vulnerable to Deathwing's schemes.

This soundtrack's broad spectrum of melodies embodies Azeroth's uncertain future: the dire rumblings of war; the tortured lamentations of a world under siege; and the faint murmurs of hope that endure within Azeroth's brave heroes, urging them to act before Deathwing's shadow engulfs all.

Track list

# Title Time
1 The Shattering 12:04
2 Xaxas 2:16
3 Tempest's Wake 3:12
4 Depths of Vashj'ir 3:41
5 Castaways 4:02
6 Reforged 8:39
7 Restoring the Balance 3:04
8 Curse of the Worgen 3:25
9 Defenders of Azeroth 8:35
10 Eventide 2:31
11 Thaurissan's Reach 2:30
12 Uldum 5:19
13 Breath of Al'Akir 2:36
14 Call of the Elements 2:46
15 Guardians of Nordrassil 6:45
16 Dominion of the Stonemother 3:46
17 Nightsong 2:38



  • Featured Musicians: Vocal Solo by Laurie Ann Haus
  • Flute Solo by: Susan Craig Winsberg
  • Live Sessions, Accordions and Orchestrations produced by: Edo Guidotti
  • "The Shattering" and "Xaxas" recorded by: the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra and Chorus
  • Contracted by: Simon James & David Sabee
  • Orchestra recorded by: John Kurlander
  • Orchestral sub-mixes by: John Rodd and John Kurlander
  • Sound Design: Brian David Farr, Paul Menichini, Kris Giampa, Jeff Schmidt
  • Album Produced by: Russell Brower
  • With special thanks to:Edo and Shelly Guidotti, Denise Dohr, Tina, Margaret and Karen Brower, Yuliya and Jasper Duke, Shyshkin and Duke Families, Bob and Kay Gates, Smt. Jahnavi Jayaprakash, Margarita Kravets, Joellyn and David Acree, Penka Kouneva, Aaron, Ethan, Quinn and Susan Stafford, Thomas Pieracci, Keith Landes, Jay Maguire, Dennis Crabtree, Andrea Toyias, Kevin Crook, Lynda Do, Joeyray Hall, Chris Metzen, Matt Samia, Frank Pearce, Mike Morhaime, Paul Sams and the entire Blizzard Entertainment Sound Department. We would especially like to extend our appreciation and love to all in our family of wonderful and cherished musicians--- Thank you!!!


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