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This article lists all Cataclysm daily quests added during the course of the expansion, designed for level 80-85 players.


Dragonmaw Clan

All of


Both of


Wildhammer Clan

All of

Tol Barad

While controlling Tol Barad after winning a game, six quests are available: Three are always offered, and three are focusing the open cell block. Should players manage to win Tol Barad again and if another cell block is open, they may complete those three quests as well.

Tol Barad Peninsula

Six quests from the pool of 22 are randomly chosen every day for each faction, regardless of the state of Tol Barad. Only one quest per area is offered.

Firelands Invasion

  1. Sanctuary of Malorne:
  2. Malfurion's Breach (phase 2+):
  3. Factional support, one of (phase 3+):



Only one Cataclysm cooking quest may be completed each day, but each capital's cooking trainer offers a different quest


Only one Cataclysm fishing quest may be completed each day, but each capital's fishing trainer offers a different quest.


Only one Cataclysm jewelcrafting quest may be completed each day.

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