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This article displays all the zone maps in zones affected by the Cataclysm. New zones and battlegrounds are listed first, followed by the continent and flight path maps, and then by the zones in the three regions of each continent: Lordaeron, Khaz Modan and Azeroth for the Eastern Kingdoms, and Northern, Central and Southern Kalimdor for Kalimdor.

This article does not cover instance maps. They can be found on their own page.

An alphabetic list of each zone on Azeroth is displayed here. Simply click on the desired zone to be taken directly to the relevant map. Click the back button to return to the navigation. Zones that are listed but not linked — the Azerothian zones introduced in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King — have not had or are not expected to display any changes to their zone maps.

Abyssal Depths · AhnQiraj: The Fallen Kingdom · Alterac Mountains · Arathi Highlands · Ashenvale · Azshara · Azuremyst Isle · Badlands · Barrens · Battle for Gilneas · Blasted Lands · Bloodmyst Isle · Burning Steppes · Darkshore · Darnassus · Deadwind Pass · Deepholm · Desolace · Dun Morogh · Durotar · Duskwood · Dustwallow Marsh · Eastern Plaguelands · Elwynn Forest · Eversong Woods · Exodar · Felwood · Feralas · Ghostlands · Gilneas · Hillsbrad Foothills · Hinterlands · Ironforge · Isle of Quel'Danas · Kelp'thar Forest · Loch Modan · Maelstrom · Molten Front · Moonglade · Mount Hyjal · Mulgore · Orgrimmar · Redridge Mountains · Scarlet Enclave · Searing Gorge · Shimmering Expanse · Silithus · Silvermoon City · Silverpine Forest · Stonetalon Mountains · Stormwind City · Stranglethorn Vale · Swamp of Sorrows · Tanaris · Teldrassil · Thousand Needles · Thunder Bluff · Tirisfal Glades · Tol Barad · Twilight Highlands · Uldum · Undercity · Un'Goro Crater · Vashj'ir · Western Plaguelands · Westfall · Wetlands · Winterspring

New zones[]

Zone Map(s)
Abyssal Depths VZ-Abyssal Depths
Battle for Gilneas VZ-Battle for Gilneas
Deepholm VZ-Deepholm
Gilneas City VZ-Gilneas City
Gilneas VZ-Gilneas VZ-Gilneas-t1
VZ-Ruins of Gilneas
Kelp'thar Forest VZ-Kelp'thar Forest
Kezan VZ-Kezan
Lost Isles VZ-Lost Isles VZ-Lost Isles-t1
VZ-Lost Isles-t2
Maelstrom VZ-The Maelstrom
Molten Front VZ-Molten Front
Mount Hyjal VZ-Mount Hyjal-t1 VZ-Mount Hyjal
Ruins of Gilneas VZ-Ruins of Gilneas
Shimmering Expanse VZ-Shimmering Expanse
Tol Barad VZ-Tol Barad Peninsula VZ-Tol Barad
Twin Peaks VZ-Twin Peaks
Twilight Highlands VZ-Twilight Highlands-t1 VZ-Twilight Highlands
Uldum VZ-Uldum VZ-Uldum-t1
Vashj'ir VZ-Vashj'ir

Continents and flight paths[]

Zone Before After
Azeroth VZ-Azeroth-old4 VZ-Azeroth-old5
Eastern Kingdoms VZ-Eastern Kingdoms-old2 VZ-Eastern Kingdoms-old3
Kalimdor VZ-Kalimdor-old1 VZ-Kalimdor-old2
Maelstrom N/A VZ-Maelstrom
Eastern Kingdoms Alliance TAXIMAP0 Cata Alliance EK flights
Eastern Kingdoms Horde Flightpoints horde eastern Cata Horde Eastern Kingdoms flights
Kalimdor Alliance TAXIMAP1 Cata Alliance Kalimdor flights
Kalimdor Horde Flightpoints horde kalimdor Cata Horde Kalimdor flights

Eastern Kingdoms[]


Zone Before After
Alterac Mountains WorldMap-Alterac-old See "Hillsbrad Foothills"
See also Cataclysm beta version
Arathi Highlands WorldMap-Arathi-old VZ-Arathi Highlands
Eastern Plaguelands WorldMap-EasternPlaguelands-old VZ-Eastern Plaguelands
Gilneas See "new zones"
Hillsbrad Foothills WorldMap-Hillsbrad VZ-Hillsbrad Foothills
Hinterlands WorldMap-Hinterlands-old VZ-Hinterlands
Silverpine Forest WorldMap-Silverpine-old VZ-Silverpine Forest
Tirisfal Glades WorldMap-Tirisfal-old VZ-Tirisfal Glades
Undercity WorldMap-Undercity-old VZ-Undercity
Western Plaguelands WorldMap-WesternPlaguelands-old VZ-Western Plaguelands

Khaz Modan[]

Zone Before After
Badlands WorldMap-Badlands-old VZ-Badlands
Burning Steppes WorldMap-BurningSteppes-old VZ-Burning Steppes
Dun Morogh WorldMap-DunMorogh-old VZ-Dun Morogh
Ironforge WorldMap-Ironforge-old VZ-Ironforge
Loch Modan WorldMap-LochModan-old VZ-Loch Modan
Searing Gorge WorldMap-SearingGorge-1.5 VZ-Searing Gorge
Twilight Highlands See "new zones"
Wetlands WorldMap-Wetlands-old VZ-Wetlands


Zone Before After
Blasted Lands WorldMap-BlastedLands-old VZ-Blasted Lands
Deadwind Pass WorldMap-DeadwindPass-old VZ-Deadwind Pass
Duskwood WorldMap-Duskwood-old VZ-Duskwood
Elwynn Forest WorldMap-Elwynn-old VZ-Elwynn Forest
Redridge Mountains WorldMap-Redridge-old VZ-Redridge Mountains
Stormwind City VZ-Stormwind City-old2 VZ-Stormwind City-old3
Stranglethorn Vale WorldMap-Stranglethorn VZ-Northern Stranglethorn
VZ-Stranglethorn Vale
VZ-Cape of Stranglethorn
Swamp of Sorrows WorldMap-SwampOfSorrows-old VZ-Swamp of Sorrows
Westfall WorldMap-Westfall-old VZ-Westfall


Northern Kalimdor[]

Zone Before After
Ashenvale WorldMap-Ashenvale-old VZ-Ashenvale
Azshara WorldMap-Aszhara-old VZ-Azshara
Darkshore WorldMap-Darkshore-old VZ-Darkshore
Darnassus VZ-Darnassus-old VZ-Darnassus
Felwood WorldMap-Felwood-old VZ-Felwood
Mount Hyjal See "new zones"
Moonglade WorldMap-Moonglade-old VZ-Moonglade
Teldrassil WorldMap-Teldrassil-old VZ-Teldrassil
Winterspring WorldMap-Winterspring-old VZ-Winterspring

Central Kalimdor[]

Zone Before After
Barrens WorldMap-Barrens-old WorldMap-NorthernBarrens-old
VZ-Southern Barrens
Desolace WorldMap-Desolace-old VZ-Desolace
Durotar VZ-Durotar-old VZ-Durotar-old1
Dustwallow Marsh VZ-Dustwallow Marsh-old2 VZ-Dustwallow Marsh
Mulgore WorldMap-Mulgore-old VZ-Mulgore
Orgrimmar VZ-Orgrimmar-old VZ-Orgrimmar-old1
Stonetalon Mountains WorldMap-StonetalonMountains-old VZ-Stonetalon Mountains
Thunder Bluff VZ-Thunder Bluff-old2 VZ-Thunder Bluff

Southern Kalimdor[]

Zone Before After
Ahn'Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom N/A VZ-Ahn'Qiraj
Feralas WorldMap-Feralas-old VZ-Feralas
Silithus VZ-Silithus-old2 VZ-Silithus
Tanaris WorldMap-Tanaris-old VZ-Tanaris
Thousand Needles WorldMap-ThousandNeedles-old VZ-Thousand Needles
Uldum See "new zones"
Un'Goro Crater WorldMap-UngoroCrater-old VZ-Un'Goro Crater

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