Catacombs Ward

The Catacombs Ward, also known as the Crypt Ward[1], is one of the seven district wards of Revendreth. It encompasses the northeastern area, bordering the Castle Ward to the west, and the Ceremony Ward around most of its southern border. A section of the Endmire goes through it. The Ward is ruled by the Harvester of Avarice, currently The Curator.

Sinkeeper Mourana at the Crypt of the Forgotten mentions that she has been assigned as the new Sinkeeper, watching over the Crypt and replacing Sinkeeper Mateo. Watcher Emil was assigned to the Catacombs of Regret.[2] Archivist Fane is in charge of the of sinstone archives in Archivam, though is found in the Halls of Atonement, with some archives there.[3][4] Souls are sealed away for eons until they are ready to move on to the Halls of Atonement.[5]



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