Catapult (Isle of Conquest)

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For general information, see Catapult and Catapult (Warcraft III).
Image of Catapult
Race Catapult (Mechanical)
Level 90
Location Isle of Conquest
Vehicle This vehicle can be mounted.

The Catapult is a personnel-delivery vehicle available in the Isle of Conquest battleground. Four of these vehicles become available shortly after one's faction gains control of the Docks and are primarily used for getting inside the enemy Keep before any of the Keep Gates have been destroyed.


  • Ability vehicle launchplayer.png  Launch (40) — Launches the driver towards the designated location. Instant.
  • Inv elemental primal shadow.png  Shadow Veil — Covers the vehicle in shadows, increasing stealth and movement speed for 20 sec. Instant. Movement speed is increased by 50%.

Level Brackets

The level and health of this vehicle scales to the highest level of each battleground level bracket.

Level Bracket Health
89 817,000
90 984,000

Related achievements

  • Destroying one of these is a requirement for [Demolition Derby]
  • Controlling one of these is a requirement for [Four Car Garage]
  • This vehicle can be used to launch one's self over the walls of the Isle of Conquest keeps, to gain the [Back Door Job] achievement.

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