Catch a Dragon by the Tail

Neutral 32.pngCatch a Dragon by the Tail
Start Gizzix Grimegurgle
End Gizzix Grimegurgle
Level 15-30
Category Dustwallow Marsh
Experience 4140
Reputation +250 Gadgetzan
Rewards Inv shoulder 146v4.png [Journeyman's Epaulets]
or Inv pants leather 40v2.png [Oiled Leather Leggings]
or Inv pants leather 40v2.png [Chain Linked Leggings]
45 Silver.png


Collect 8 Wyrmtail stalks in the Dragonmurk or Wyrmbog.


With the zeppelin crash delaying supplies, we've run out of medicines and bandages.

We're making use of what we can, but between all the insects, the injuries, and the enemies we're encountering here, I can barely keep up! I've found one herb that seems to help heal wounds and dull pain, but it, too, is in short supply.

It's called wyrmtail, and it's abundant in the Dragonmurk and Wyrmbog areas east of town. The plants themselves are made of coiled stalks, and seem to pulsate when you look at them.


Did you find any of the wyrmtail?


Thank you! This will help keep our guys going out in the field until Moxie returns with the rest of the supplies from the zeppelin crash.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shoulder 146v4.png [Journeyman's Epaulets] Inv pants leather 40v2.png [Oiled Leather Leggings]
Inv pants leather 40v2.png [Chain Linked Leggings]

You will also receive: 45 Silver.png

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