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This category includes quests that require you to escort a NPC from one place to another, usually through a dangerous area.

  • Many quests that involve escorting an NPC through an area full of mobs can be quite difficult to do alone. A [18G2] The Defias Brotherhood quest in Westfall is one such example, as is the Forsaken quest in Silverpine Forest H [11] Escorting Erland. The NPCs of those quests are suicidal hotshots who engage each enemy within a 10-yard radius despite your directive to keep them alive, leaving you to save them from themselves as well as all the other mobs attempting to eat both of you. In addition, many escort quests have scripted events where a number of enemies will spawn right in front of you, forcing you to fight them at once. Failing these quests occurs commonly, but you can easily abandon it and start over. Or, in some cases, if you find yourself overwhelmed during quests like these, abandon the quest and run away as far as you can, and try it again when you are at a higher level or have some backup coming with you.
  • It is generally terrible etiquette to kill an escort NPC if you see someone of the opposite faction doing an Escort Quest. Doing so will quickly get you blacklisted on PvE servers, and possibly many Kill on sight lists on PvP servers.

This category also contains a handful of "escort events". Although there is not necessarily a quest involved, there will be an NPC to follow or protect, and a reward that takes the form of a (often guaranteed) drop. Generally, this item will be found on a named mob at the end of the sequence. See Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse for an example of an escort event.

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