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The TCG Card images should be re-uploaded as a PNG from the TCG Scan Project with proper source crediting the Scan Project community by adding the following to the Source section: {{TCG Scan Project source}}.

A proper name for a TCG card image:

  • File:name (Deck name) TCG Card.png
  • File:name (Deck name) TCG Card Back.png (for card backs, like heroes e.g. Addisyn the Untouchable)

A proper TCG card article should look similar to (with additional notes if needed):

[[Card_Name]] from the [[TCG]] ([[Deck_link]]). {{Artist|artist_name}}.

Full art image: [[:File:full_art.jpg|full_art.jpg]]

{{TCG Scan Project source}}


Example use of the boilerplate: File:Anti-magic Potion (Reign of Fire) TCG Card.png

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