Pages in this category are setting multiple link formats via {{DEFAULTINK:}} on the same page. Several templates modify defaultlinks, so if more than one copy of, for example: {{questbox}}, is called on a page, they both must use the same values for a few parameters:

For multiple {{questbox}}es:

  • |name= must be the same: no "|name=Some Quest (Alliance)" and "|name=Some Quest (Horde)". Use "|name=Some Quest" for both
  • |level= must be the same
  • |type= must be the same: "|type=Daily" versus "|type=Daily Group"
  • |groupsize= must be the same (don't leave it out in one questbox if it's defined on another): "|type=Group" versus "|type=Group |groupsize=3"
  • |category= must be the same: For class quests taking place in different zones, use |category=Hunter in the questboxes and put [[Category:<Zone> quests]] at the end of the page

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