A simple table view of the 11 classes' talents. No description of any sort should appear in the tables--just the levels and talent names.

Death knight talents
Level Choices
15 Blood [Heartbreaker] [Blooddrinker] [Tombstone]
Frost [Inexorable Assault] [Icy Talons] Cold Heart (death knight talent)
Unholy [Infected Claws] [All Will Serve] [Clawing Shadows]
25 Blood [Rapid Decomposition] [Hemostasis] [Consumption]
Frost [Runic Attenuation] [Murderous Efficiency] [Horn of Winter]
Unholy [Bursting Sores] [Ebon Fever] [Unholy Blight]
30 Blood [Foul Bulwark] Relish in Blood [Blood Tap]
Frost [Death's Reach] [Asphyxiate] [Blinding Sleet]
Unholy [Grip of the Dead] [Death's Reach] [Asphyxiate]
35 Blood [Will of the Necropolis] [Anti-Magic Barrier] [Mark of Blood]
Frost [Avalanche] [Frozen Pulse] [Frostscythe]
Unholy [Pestilent Pustules] [Harbinger of Doom] [Soul Reaper]
40 Blood [Grip of the Dead] [Tightening Grasp] [Wraith Walk]
Frost [Permafrost] [Wraith Walk] [Death Pact]
Unholy [Spell Eater]
45 Blood [Voracious] [Death Pact] [Bloodworms]
Frost [Gathering Storm] Hypothermic Presence [Glacial Advance]
Unholy [Pestilence] Unholy Pact [Defile]
50 Blood [Purgatory] [Red Thirst] [Bonestorm]
Frost [Icecap] [Obliteration] [Breath of Sindragosa]
Unholy [Army of the Damned] [Summon Gargoyle] [Unholy Assault]
Demon hunter talents
Level Choices
15 Havoc [Blind Fury] [Demonic Appetite] [Felblade]
Vengeance [Abyssal Strike] [Agonizing Flames]
25 Havoc [Insatiable Hunger] [Burning Hatred] [Demon Blades]
Vengeance [Feast of Souls] [Fallout] [Burning Alive]
30 Havoc [Trail of Ruin] [Unbound Chaos] [Glaive Tempest]
Vengeance [Infernal Armor] [Charred Flesh] [Spirit Bomb]
35 Havoc [Soul Rending] [Desperate Instincts] [Netherwalk]
Vengeance [Feed the Demon] [Fracture]
40 Havoc [Cycle of Hatred] [First Blood] [Essence Break]
Vengeance [Concentrated Sigils] [Quickened Sigils] [Sigil of Chains]
45 Havoc [Unleashed Power] [Master of the Glaive] [Fel Eruption]
Vengeance [Void Reaver] [Demonic] [Soul Barrier]
50 Havoc [Demonic] [Momentum] [Fel Barrage]
Vengeance [Last Resort] [Ruinous Bulwark] [Bulk Extraction]
Druid talents
Level Choices
15 Balance [Nature's Balance] [Warrior of Elune] [Force of Nature]
Feral [Predator] [Sabertooth] [Lunar Inspiration]
Guardian [Brambles] [Blood Frenzy] [Bristling Fur]
Restoration [Abundance] [Nourish] [Cenarion Ward]
25 [Tiger Dash] [Renewal] [Wild Charge]
30 Balance [Feral Affinity] [Guardian Affinity] [Restoration Affinity]
Feral [Balance Affinity]
Guardian [Feral Affinity]
Restoration [Guardian Affinity]
35 [Mighty Bash] [Mass Entanglement] [Heart of the Wild]
40 Balance [Soul of the Forest] [Starlord] [Incarnation: Chosen of Elune]
Feral [Savage Roar] [Incarnation: King of the Jungle]
Guardian [Galactic Guardian] [Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc]
Restoration [Cultivation] [Incarnation: Tree of Life]
45 Balance [Stellar Drift] [Twin Moons] [Stellar Flare]
Feral [Scent of Blood] [Brutal Slash] [Primal Wrath]
Guardian [Earthwarden] [Survival of the Fittest] [Guardian of Elune]
Restoration [Inner Peace] [Spring Blossoms] [Overgrowth]
50 Balance [Solstice] [Fury of Elune] [New Moon]
Feral [Moment of Clarity] [Bloodtalons] [Feral Frenzy]
Guardian [Rend and Tear] [Tooth and Claw] [Pulverize]
Restoration [Photosynthesis] [Germination] [Flourish]
Hunter talents
Level Choices
15 Beast Mastery [Killer Instinct] [Animal Companion] [Dire Beast]
Marksmanship [Master Marksman] [Serpent Sting] [A Murder of Crows]
Survival [Viper's Venom] [Terms of Engagement] [Alpha Predator]
25 Beast Mastery [Scent of Blood] [One with the Pack] [Chimaera Shot]
Marksmanship [Careful Aim] [Barrage] [Explosive Shot]
Survival [Guerrilla Tactics] [Hydra's Bite] [Butchery]
30 [Trailblazer] [Natural Mending] [Camouflage]
35 Beast Mastery [Spitting Cobra] [Thrill of the Hunt] [A Murder of Crows]
Marksmanship [Steady Focus] [Streamline] [Chimaera Shot]
Survival [Bloodseeker] [Steel Trap] [A Murder of Crows]
40 Beast Mastery [Born To Be Wild] [Posthaste] [Binding Shot]
Marksmanship [Binding Shackles]
Survival [Binding Shot]
45 Beast Mastery [Stomp] [Barrage] [Stampede]
Marksmanship [Lethal Shots] [Dead Eye] [Double Tap]
Survival [Tip of the Spear] [Mongoose Bite] [Flanking Strike]
50 Beast Mastery [Aspect of the Beast] [Killer Cobra] [Bloodshed]
Marksmanship [Calling the Shots] [Lock and Load] [Volley]
Survival [Birds of Prey] [Wildfire Infusion] [Chakrams]
Mage talents
Level Choices
15 Arcane [Amplification] [Rule of Threes] [Arcane Familiar]
Fire [Firestarter] [Pyromaniac] [Searing Touch]
Frost [Bone Chilling] [Lonely Winter] [Ice Nova]
25 Arcane [Master of Time] [Shimmer] [Slipstream]
Fire [Blazing Soul] [Blast Wave]
Frost [Glacial Insulation] [Ice Floes]
30 [Incanter's Flow] [Focus Magic] [Rune of Power]
35 Arcane [Resonance] [Arcane Echo] [Nether Tempest]
Fire [Flame On] [Alexstrasza's Fury] [From the Ashes]
Frost [Frozen Touch] [Chain Reaction] [Ebonbolt]
40 Arcane [Chrono Shift] [Ice Ward] [Ring of Frost]
Fire [Frenetic Speed]
Frost [Frigid Winds]
45 Arcane [Reverberate] [Arcane Orb] [Supernova]
Fire [Flame Patch] [Conflagration] [Living Bomb]
Frost [Freezing Rain] [Splitting Ice] [Comet Storm]
50 Arcane [Overpowered] [Time Anomaly] [Enlightened]
Fire [Kindling] [Pyroclasm] [Meteor]
Frost [Thermal Void] [Ray of Frost] [Glacial Spike]
Monk talents
Level Choices
15 Brewmaster [Eye of the Tiger] [Chi Wave] [Chi Burst]
Mistweaver [Mist Wrap]
Windwalker [Eye of the Tiger]
25 [Celerity] [Chi Torpedo] [Tiger's Lust]
30 Brewmaster [Light Brewing] Spitfire (monk) [Black Ox Brew]
Mistweaver [Lifecycles] [Spirit of the Crane] [Mana Tea]
Windwalker [Ascension] Fist of the White Tiger [Energizing Elixir]
35 Brewmaster Tiger Tail Sweep [Summon Black Ox Statue] [Ring of Peace]
Mistweaver [Song of Chi-Ji]
Windwalker [Good Karma]
40 Brewmaster Bob and Weave [Healing Elixirs] [Dampen Harm]
Mistweaver [Healing Elixirs] [Diffuse Magic]
Windwalker Inner Strength
45 Brewmaster [Special Delivery] [Rushing Jade Wind] Exploding Keg
Mistweaver [Summon Jade Serpent Statue] [Refreshing Jade Wind] [Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane]
Windwalker [Hit Combo] [Rushing Jade Wind] [Dance of Chi-Ji]
50 Brewmaster [High Tolerance] Celestial Flames [Blackout Combo]
Mistweaver [Focused Thunder] Upwelling Rising Mist
Windwalker [Spiritual Focus] [Whirling Dragon Punch] [Serenity]
Paladin talents
Level Choices
15 Holy [Crusader's Might] [Bestow Faith] [Light's Hammer]
Protection [Holy Shield] [Redoubt] [Blessed Hammer]
Retribution [Zeal] [Righteous Verdict] [Execution Sentence]
25 Holy [Saved by the Light] [Judgment of Light] [Holy Prism]
Protection [First Avenger] [Crusader's Judgment] [Moment of Glory]
Retribution [Fires of Justice] [Blade of Wrath] [Empyrean Power]
30 [Fist of Justice] [Repentance] [Blinding Light]
35 Holy [Unbreakable Spirit] [Cavalier] [Rule of Law]
Protection [Blessing of Spellwarding]
Retribution [Eye for an Eye]
40 [Divine Purpose] [Holy Avenger] [Seraphim]
45 Holy [Sanctified Wrath] [Avenging Crusader] [Awakening]
Protection [Hand of the Protector] [Consecrated Ground] [Judgment of Light]
Retribution [Selfless Healer] [Justicar's Vengeance] [Healing Hands]
50 Holy [Glimmer of Light] [Beacon of Faith] [Beacon of Virtue]
Protection [Sanctified Wrath] [Righteous Protector] [Final Stand]
Retribution [Crusade] [Final Reckoning]
Priest talents
Level Choices
15 Discipline [Castigation] [Twist of Fate] [Schism]
Holy [Enlightenment] [Trail of Light] [Enduring Renewal]
Shadow [Fortress of the Mind] Death and Madness Unfurling Darkness
25 Discipline [Body and Soul] [Masochism] [Angelic Feather]
Holy [Angel's Mercy] [Body and Soul]
Shadow [Body and Soul] [San'layn] Intangibility
30 Discipline [Shield Discipline] [Mindbender] [Power Word: Solace]
Holy [Cosmic Ripple] [Guardian Angel] [Afterlife]
Shadow [Twist of Fate] [Misery] Searing Nightmare
35 Discipline [Psychic Voice] [Dominant Mind] [Shining Force]
Holy [Censure]
Shadow [Last Word] [Mind Bomb] [Psychic Horror]
40 Discipline [Sins of the Many] [Contrition] [Shadow Covenant]
Holy [Surge of Light] [Binding Heal] Prayer Circle
Shadow [Auspicious Spirits] [Psychic Link] [Shadow Crash]
45 Discipline [Purge the Wicked] [Divine Star] [Halo]
Holy [Benediction]
Shadow Domination (priest talent) [Mindbender] [Void Torrent]
50 Discipline [Lenience] [Spirit Shell] [Evangelism]
Holy [Light of the Naaru] [Apotheosis] [Holy Word: Salvation]
Shadow Ancient Madness Hungering Void [Surrender to Madness]
Rogue talents
Level Choices
15 Assassination [Master Poisoner] [Elaborate Planning] [Blindside]
Outlaw [Weaponmaster] [Quick Draw] [Ghostly Strike]
Subtlety [Premeditation] [Gloomblade]
25 Assassination [Nightstalker] [Subterfuge] Master Assassin
Outlaw [Acrobatic Strikes] Retractable Hook [Hit and Run]
Subtlety [Nightstalker] [Subterfuge] [Shadow Focus]
30 [Vigor] [Deeper Stratagem] [Marked for Death]
35 Assassination [Leeching Poison] [Cheat Death] [Elusiveness]
Outlaw [Iron Stomach]
Subtlety [Soothing Darkness]
40 Assassination [Internal Bleeding] Iron Wire [Prey on the Weak]
Outlaw [Dirty Tricks] Blinding Powder (rogue talent)
Subtlety Shot in the Dark [Night Terrors]
45 Assassination [Venom Rush] [Alacrity] [Exsanguinate]
Outlaw Loaded Dice [Dreadblades]
Subtlety [Dark Shadow] [Enveloping Shadows]
50 Assassination Poison Bomb (rogue talent) Hidden Blades [Crimson Tempest]
Outlaw Dancing Steel (rogue talent) Blade Rush [Killing Spree]
Subtlety [Master of Shadows] Secret Technique Shuriken Tornado
Shaman talents
Level Choices
15 Elemental [Earthen Rage] [Echo of the Elements] [Static Discharge]
Enhancement [Lashing Flames] [Forceful Winds] [Elemental Blast]
Restoration [Torrent] [Undulation] [Unleash Life]
25 Elemental [Aftershock] [Echoing Shock] [Elemental Blast]
Enhancement [Stormflurry] [Hot Hand] Ice Strike
Restoration [Echo of the Elements] [Deluge] Surge of Earth
30 Elemental Spirit Wolf [Earth Shield] Static Charge
Restoration [Earthgrab Totem]
35 Elemental [Master of the Elements] [Storm Elemental] [Liquid Magma Totem]
Enhancement Elemental Assault [Hailstorm] [Fire Nova]
Restoration [Ancestral Vigor] [Earthen Wall Totem] [Ancestral Protection Totem]
40 Elemental [Nature's Guardian] [Ancestral Guidance] [Wind Rush Totem]
Enhancement [Feral Lunge]
Restoration [Graceful Spirit]
45 Elemental [Surge of Power] [Primal Elementalist] [Icefury]
Enhancement [Crashing Storm] [Stormkeeper] [Sundering]
Restoration Flash Flood Downpour [Cloudburst Totem]
50 Elemental Unlimited Power [Stormkeeper] [Ascendance]
Enhancement Elemental Spirits [Earthen Spike]
Restoration [High Tide] [Wellspring]
Warlock talents
Level Choices
15 Affliction [Nightfall] [Inevitable Demise] [Drain Soul]
Demonology [Dreadlash] [Bilescourge Bombers] [Demonic Strength]
Destruction [Flashover] [Eradication] [Soul Fire]
25 Affliction [Writhe in Agony] [Absolute Corruption] [Siphon Life]
Demonology [Demonic Calling] [Power Siphon] [Doom]
Destruction [Reverse Entropy] [Internal Combustion] [Shadowburn]
30 [Demon Skin] [Burning Rush] [Dark Pact]
35 Affliction [Sow the Seeds] [Phantom Singularity] [Vile Taint]
Demonology [From the Shadows] [Soul Strike] [Summon Vilefiend]
Destruction [Inferno] [Fire and Brimstone] [Cataclysm]
40 [Darkfury] [Mortal Coil] [Howl of Terror]
45 Affliction [Dark Caller] [Haunt] [Grimoire of Sacrifice]
Demonology [Soul Conduit] [Inner Demons] [Grimoire: Felguard]
Destruction [Roaring Blaze] [Rain of Chaos] [Grimoire of Sacrifice]
50 Affliction [Soul Conduit] Creeping Death [Dark Soul: Misery]
Demonology Sacrificed Souls [Demonic Consumption] [Nether Portal]
Destruction [Soul Conduit] [Channel Demonfire] [Dark Soul: Instability]
Warrior talents
Level Choices
15 Arms [War Machine] [Sudden Death] [Skullsplitter]
Fury [Fresh Meat]
Protection [Punish] [Devastator]
25 Arms [Double Time] [Impending Victory] [Storm Bolt]
Protection Rumbling Earth (warrior talent)
30 Arms [Massacre] [Fervor of Battle] [Rend]
Fury [Frenzy] Onslaught
Protection [Best Served Cold] [Booming Voice] [Dragon Roar]
35 Arms [Second Wind] [Bounding Stride] [Defensive Stance]
Fury [Furious Charge] [Warpaint]
Protection [Crackling Thunder] [Menace]
40 Arms [Collateral Damage] [Warbreaker] [Cleave]
Fury Seethe (warrior talent) [Frothing Berserker] [Cruelty]
Protection [Never Surrender] [Indomitable] [Impending Victory]
45 Arms [In For The Kill] [Avatar] [Deadly Calm]
Fury [Meat Cleaver] [Dragon Roar] [Bladestorm]
Protection [Into the Fray] Unstoppable Force [Ravager]
50 Arms [Anger Management] [Dreadnaught] [Ravager]
Fury [Reckless Abandon] [Siegebreaker]
Protection [Heavy Repercussions] [Bolster]