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progression and equivalent and comparison

Wondering if we have an article about this comparing between all three games. Perhaps a visual chart. Or if not here, any articles along those lines on external sites.

The comparisons are easiest when names remain consistent, though it probably gets more challenging as you get into advanced units with higher amounts of variation.

There have always been the basic Peasant/Peon and Footman/Grunt dichotomies for Human/Orc, for starters.

Not challenging at all to see the equivalents due to the same name. OTOH as you go deeper...

Differences accrue!

We had 2 catapults in 1st game, orcs replaced that with a "Ballista" but it was purely aesthetics (even though in theory catapults should arc over barriers while ballistas should be stopped by them since they shoot more forward than up)

For "healer class" it seems to have gone Cleric > Paladin > Priest for humans if going by "ability chain".

It's not clear cut though, as there's:

  • Cleric > Mage > Sorceress progression for invisibility
  • Cleric > Paladin > Farseer progression for Farsight (aka Holy Vision)
    • sort of Necrolyte > Ogre Magi for Dark Vision and Eye of Kilrog I guess? very different though
  • Conjurer > Mage > Sorceress progression for AE attacks (Rain of Fire, Blizzard)
    • or the Death Knight's Decay which AFAIK is same as Blizzard?
  • Necrolyte > Death Knight for Raise Dead

Death Knights are funny since they seem to have Death Coil sort of subbing for Fireball, though maybe Whirlwind serves that roll, but Whirlwind also sorta competes with Blizzard like Decay?

In some cases we see a "side hop" for abilities:

  • Fireball from Orc's Warlock in WC1 to human's Mage in WC2

Also some WC1 ideas seem skipped in WC2 then revived in WC3

  • Conjurer > ? > Sorceress for Water Elemental
    • (or Conjurer's Scoropions and Blood Mage's Phoenix for summon minion in general)
    • (or Warlock's Spiders/Daemons I guess?)

Or introduced in WC2 and revived in WC3:

  • Mage > Sorceress for both Polymorph and Slow

In some cases like the Warlock's "Poison Cloud" I can't think of an equivalent in later WC games though it sounds a lot like "Irradiate" used by Science Vessels in Starcraft. Tycio (talk) 23:17, 7 February 2021 (UTC)

That could be interesting but would only really work with Warcraft I, Warcraft II and a few Warcraft III units Xporc (talk) 10:33, 8 February 2021 (UTC)