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Outside Cathedral of Light
Inside Cathedral of Light

Cathedral of Light (or Stormwind Cathedral)[1] in Stormwind City is the most striking monument of the Church of Light.

The Cathedral is home to some of the most powerful and influential holy leaders in the world, and a sacred place for all followers of the Light from the four corners of Azeroth. It is described as an elegant and peaceful place, inviting for prayer and reflection.[2] The archbishop himself used to reside within the hallowed chambers.

Priests and paladins travel to the cathedral from far and wide seeking training and wisdom from their resident counterparts. High Priestess Laurena is the highest-ranking priest trainer in Stormwind City, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker is one of the foremost human paladins of the Alliance and the chief paladin in Stormwind,[3] and Duthorian Rall is one of Stormwind City's most influential paladins.[4]

While not barred from the edifice, void elves are not welcomed warmly here as they are not considered appropriate, which is the complete opposite of the Lightforged draenei who are well received.[5]

The cathedral's catacombs are the resting place of the honored dead: priests, war heroes, paladins, and others. The catacombs' alcoves hold many "drop points" for SI:7: places to leave messages or objects behind loose bricks, in cracks in the wall, and the like.[6]


During the First War, the original building was badly damaged but its catacombs housed refugees. After the Second War, the building was first to be rebuilt and housed the refugees in the initial stages of city's reconstruction.[7]

The construction of the cathedral was overseen by then-bishop Benedictus and his then-mentor, Archbishop Alonsus Faol. It was here that the Lordaeron Prince Arthas Menethil became a paladin of the Silver Hand.[8]

The promising young Knights of the Silver Hand were sent here to continue their training by studying the  [Tome of Divinity] and  [Tome of Valor],[9][10] but also to be sent on missions against the enemies of the kingdom that were the Defias Brotherhood,[11] and the Scourge in the Western Plaguelands.[12]

During the events of the Elemental Unrest, cultists of the Twilight's Hammer tried to blow up the cathedral so disillusioned peasants would flock toward their religion, but they were stopped by an adventurer.[13]

Following the Argus Campaign, King Anduin brought the Forsaken Alonsus Faol to the Cathedral in order to meet Turalyon, the last living member of the first Silver Hand paladins. Their reunion was initially tense, but upon sensing the Light within the undead, Turalyon accepted his former mentor.[14]

Following the Burning of Teldrassil, Wounded Refugees and Mia Greymane are found here. They are being treated by Stormwind Priests.

After the Fourth War, Mathias Shaw transported bodies of Alliance soldiers into the catacombs of the Cathedral. Anduin, Genn Greymane, and Turalyon arrived there to inspect the bodies. Anduin also named Turalyon Lord Commander of the Alliance and tasked him with finding Sylvanas Windrunner.[15]


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In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Every night at sunset, the Cathedral of Light rings a solitary bell whose sweet pitch reaches the entire city.[16]


  • The cathedral's bell was created on the Great Forge in Ironforge, like its twin bell for Lordaeron, as a gift from the dwarves to remind the friendship between their peoples. However, Shaw mentions that his ringtone is now a reminder of Lordaeron's downfall. It rings to mark the hours, and in times of danger to alert the citizens.[2]
  • The Cathedral of Light has under high magical protection a copy with ordinary ink of the runes of the  [Book of the Dead], a dangerous artifact that belonged to the dreadlord Balnazzar which is now sealed at the Sanctum of Light under the watch of the Knights of the Silver Hand, in order to be able to recognize the language inside if it were to be seen written elsewhere.[17]
  • According to Mathias Shaw, many of those present for the induction of Arthas Menethil into the Order of the Silver Hand noted that the Light itself seemed uncertain whether to bless the young prince.[2]
  • The cathedral has cobalt-inlaid stone halls.[2]
  • According to Of Blood and Honor, the paladin-induction ceremony for Tirion Fordring was held in the Cathedral of Light. It was likely meant to refer to Alonsus Chapel as this cathedral was at the beginning of the Second War ruined / in control of the orcs.
  • There is a hidden way downstairs to the basement in the room, one on each side of the altar, entering the Cathedral. The basement (or catacombs) contains a library and a general catacomb. There are no guards there, and Alliance players rarely venture down, so it is a popular place for Horde raids. A warlock and two rogues usually sneak down there to summon an entire raid, thus taking the city by surprise.
  • Brother Crowley is still present in the Cathedral and always looking for possible recruits for the Scarlet Crusade as the Crusade's emissary to the archbishop, even though the Crusade is currently decimated.
  • The Cathedral is also the most common place for human roleplaying players to marry since it so greatly resembles a real-life church.

Film universe

Icon-film-40x16.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft film universe and is considered non-canon.

The Cathedral of Light is depicted close to its World of Warcraft incarnation. It is where the funeral for King Llane is held after his death.


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