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The subject of this article or section is part of the Day of the Dead, a seasonal event that lasts two days. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next year, but there are no guarantees.

Neutral 32.png Catrina
Catrina Muerte.jpg
Image of Catrina
Gender Female
Race Undead (Humanoid)
Level 60
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location All major city graveyards
Catrina in World of Warcraft.

Catrina is one of the NPCs involved with the Day of the Dead world event, appearing alongside Chapman at all capital city graveyards. She will transform all who /dance with her and award the achievement Inv misc bone humanskull 02.png  [Dead Man's Party].



Can you feel it?

The spirit world draws close during the Day of the Dead. This is why we decorate the graves of our dearly departed with flowers and candles and offerings: To welcome them back, even if only for a time.

So come! Dance with me! Let us cherish and honor those we have lost in their ghostly presence, so that they might eat and drink and smile and know that they are loved.

In Hearthstone

Icon-Hearthstone-22x22.png This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

A character named "Catrina Muerte" appears as a legendary card for the priest class in the Rise of Shadows expansion for Hearthstone. This is apparently meant to be the same character as World of Warcraft's Catrina. Catrina Muerte's flavor text reads: "She always manages to lift your spirits."


  • She is most likely based off the traditional statuettes, called Catrinas, that are customary with the Mexican Day of the Dead.

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