NecrolordCaught in the Act

Kel'Thuzad preparing to sacrifice Thedrin
Start Kel'Thuzad [44.0, 27.1]300px
End Automatic [54.2, 68.0]300px
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Necrolord Campaign
Experience 4,750
Rewards 12g 87s
Previous N [60] Designed to Fail
Next N [60] Improvised Implements


Assist Kel'Thuzad in completing the ritual.


Well then, since it was you who managed to procure the missing reagent, I find it only fair that you assist me with the final ritual!

I can guarantee that this incantation will see you promoted to a full sorcerer of the house!

The preparations are already made. We can begin as soon as you are ready.


You will receive:

  • 12g 87s
  • 4,750 XP


<Balmedar's voice comes from the adjacent cell.>

That did not go as planned.

We need to find a way out of here. The margrave must be warned!


On accept, Kel'Thuzad floats up the steps to the altar at the center of the room, where he remains floating with the Domination Blade raised above Bearer Thedrin. Balmedar chimes in:

Balmedar says: Having you engaged in the ritual was not intended to be part of the plan, but it seems we must improvise.
Balmedar says: Though I'm quite certain the ritual will fail, there may be some... collateral effects.
Balmedar says: For your sake, let us hope they are not entirely fatal.

Interact with the two Ritual Burners to burn the spore clusters, then the ghost Place Heart object, after which Kel'Thuzad starts channeling necrotic magic:

Kel'Thuzad says: The ritual begins! Open the anima flows!

Next, interact with the four Anima Coffers. The first:

Kel'Thuzad says: Yes! I see the way! The darkness of the Maw calls to me from beyond!

The third:

Kel'Thuzad says: The barrier weakens! Paths sealed for untold ages will soon open!

The fourth:

Kel'Thuzad says: The blood of the Bearer shall open the way!

Kel'Thuzad lunges at Thedrin with the Domination Blade, which is now surrounded by Maw energy. However, this causes a burst of energy from the Ritual Burners, triggering Spell necro necroticsmash.png  Necromantic Feedback, which stuns the player for 45 seconds and removes their Illusory Guise, as well as killing and removing the stealth from Balmedar's Oculus.

Kel'Thuzad says: What... what is happening? Nooooo!
Kel'Thuzad says: Impossible! Wait... what treachery is this?!
Kel'Thuzad says: So, you were behind this! And what have we here... Balmedar's oculus!
Kel'Thuzad says: Guards! Take this wretch to a cell! And bring me that traitorous lich as well!

Three Lichsworn Guardians enter the room from the different entrances and approach the still-stunned player. After a fade to black, the player wakes up in a cell on the other end of the Vault of Souls. The quest completes automatically.


  1. N [60] House of Rituals
  2. N [60] The Wayward Baron
  3. N [60] Playing Favorites, N [60] Pilfered Power, N [60] Burying Suspicion
  4. N [60] A Fitting Guise
  5. N [60] The Pupil Returns
  6. N [60] The Baron's Plan
  7. N [60] Mistress of Tomes
  8. N [60] Cantrip Collections, N [60] Errant Enchantments
  9. N [60] The Hall of Tomes
  10. N [60] Necessary Ingredients
  11. N [60] Heart of the Forest, N [60] Cage Free Spores
  12. N [60] The Final Reagent
  13. N [60] Explosive Schemes
  14. N [60] No Crate Unturned, N [60] Blinding the Brokers
  15. N [60] Designed to Fail
  16. N [60] Caught in the Act
  17. N [60] Improvised Implements
  18. N [60] A Helpful Hand
  19. N [60] The Traitor Unmasked
  20. N [60] The Better Part of Valor

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