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AllianceCedrick Fallrook
Image of Cedrick Fallrook
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Buried alive in Hillsbrad Foothills
Status Unknown (presumed deceased)
Relative(s) Erik (brother), Terrence (father)
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Cedrick Fallrook was an ambitious and arrogant son of Terrence Fallrook who lived in the Fallrook Estate. His family owned a winery.

Cedrick along his brother once visited Darkmoon Faire in Southshore witnessing the performance of Kerri Hicks. Both of them quarreled with her only to remain mocked. After this Cedrick persuaded Erik to attack Kerri. However, Erik was overwhelmed and Silas Darkmoon tossed water onto Cedrick. Erik then attacked Silas, and Burth immediately went to protect his master but Silas stopped him. The brothers left threatening the faire.

The next day Erik was found dead and Cedrick was sure Kerri had committed the crime. Kerri was arrested but Silas did not believe this and investigated it. Silas visited Cedrick and found him in a company with a guard that had brought evidence to Marshal Redpath. With the assistance of Professor Thaddeus Paleo and Sayge, Silas realized that it was Cedrick who killed his brother and the guard helped him with the body and planted the blood on Kerri's clothing.

The carnies started their plan to rescue Kerri and in the meantime Peter Hamelspot found Yebb Neblegear who was looking for the only witness of the murder. Together they found the marshal and told him the truth. However, Terrence Fallrook claimed that Cedrick was with him that night. Cedrick and Terrence returned home only to reveal that Terrence believed Peter, a long time and loyal employee. Knowing the kind of man Cedrick had grown into, but still unwilling to see his remaining son hang, Terence threw him some money and banished him. Right after this, Kerri ambushed Cedrick in the Fallrook's house, knocked him out and kidnapped him. When Cedrick awoke he was tied up in Erik's coffin, alongside his victim. The last thing he saw were the faces of Silas, Kerri, and the other carnies as Kerri slammed the coffin closed. He began screaming in horror as the carnies watched Burth begin to fill Erik's grave back in.[1]