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Image of Celebras
Title The Cursed,
The Redeemed
Gender Male
Race Keeper of the Grove (Humanoid)
Level 10-30 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Poison Falls, Maraudon
Status Killable (WoW), Active (Lore)
Relative(s) Elune (great grandmother), Malorne (great grandfather), Cenarius (grandfather), Remulos (father), Ordanus, Zaetar (uncles), Cavindra (sister), dryad sisters
The Wicked Grotto

Tinkerer Gizlock
Lord Vyletongue
Celebras the Cursed
Meshlok the Harvester (rare)


Foulspore Cavern



Earth Song Falls

Rotgrip (bonus)
Princess Theradras



Celebras is the son of Remulos and is a Keeper of the Grove, like his father. Cavindra calls Celebras her brother.

After Celebras's uncle Zaetar was killed by his centaur offspring, Zaetar's spirit was held prisoner by his mate, Theradras. In an attempt to free his uncle's spirit, Celebras and his dryad sisters entered Maraudon. However, the corruption that had spread through the caverns soon overcame them. Celebras the Cursed now wanders blindly inside, cursed by corruption.

Once he is killed by the adventurers of the Alliance and Horde, he is redeemed and appears as Celebras the Redeemed.

Adventure Guide[]

Upon learning of his uncle's tragic fate, the noble Celebras swore to free Zaetar's spirit. Yet the keeper of the grove was not prepared for the horrors that awaited him in Maraudon's shadowy corridors. The dark energies permeating the area quickly overcame Celebras, filling his heart with uncontrollable rage.


  • Corrupt Force of Nature — Celebras the Cursed summons 3 Corrupt Forces of Nature to aid him in battle for 1 min.
    • Corrupt Force of Nature — Corrupt Forces of Nature defend Celebras the Cursed in battle.
  • Spell nature tranquility Twisted Tranquility – Celebras the Cursed inflicts Nature damage to all players within 0 yards, reducing their movement speed by 70% and increasing the time between their attacks by 300%.
  • Spell nature abolishmagic Wrath Interruptible — Celebras the Cursed hurls a bolt of energy at his current target, inflicting Nature damage.
  • Spell nature stranglevines Entangling Roots Interruptible — Celebras the Cursed entangles his current target, immobilizing them and inflicting Nature damage every 3 seconds for 5 sec.


Celebras the Redeemed

Celebras the Redeemed

Celebras the Redeemed says: You wish to learn of the stone? Follow me.
Celebras the Redeemed says: For so long I have drifted in my cursed form. You have freed me... Your hard work shall be repaid.

When spoken to:

At last, I am free of the corruption that once bound me to this place...
Gossip Please tell me more about Maraudon.
Long ago, my dryad sisters and I entered these caves to free the tortured spirit of my uncle, Zaetar. However, the corruption that had already spread through these caverns soon overcame us, and we too fell.
We were destined to wander these passages; the toxins poisoning our minds...
Although my spirit may now be at rest, I know that I have failed in my mission. It is a great sadness I must bear...
Gossip Please tell me more about Zaetar.
Ah, Zaetar... <Celebras looks away.>
My father, Remulos, tried to stop him...
Zaetar was headstrong, and when he fell for an earthen elemental princess, my father knew that their union was cursed, but Zaetar refused to listen.
The centaur are the result of his mistake. They were born misshapen and hateful; my uncle Zaetar was killed by his own kin...
The evil princess, Theradras, still guards his remains here in the crystal caverns.
Gossip Tell me more about the history of Remulos and Zaetar.
You ask of the Sons of Cenarius, Remulos and Zaetar.
My father, Remulos, was strong and beautiful, and my uncle, Zaetar, very cunning and slight of build. While they were respected equally, Zaetar always felt as if he could never quite compare to the glory and attention he thought Remulos had.
After my sisters and I were born, Zaetar, blinded by jealousy, set out to outdo his brother... He was the creator of his own end. The sadness it brings me has never lessened, even as time passes...

During the ritual to make the Inv staff 16 [Scepter of Celebras]:

Celebras the Redeemed says: Please do as I instruct you, <name>.
Celebras the Redeemed says: Read this tome I have placed before you, and speak the words aloud.
Celebras the Redeemed begins to channel his energy, focusing on the stone.
Celebras the Redeemed says: Together, the two parts shall become one, once again.
Celebras the Redeemed says: Shal myrinan ishnu daldorah...
Celebras the Redeemed says: My scepter will once again become whole!


WoW Icon update The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.3a but is present in Classic Era.
Celebras Old

Celebras's original model.

Celebras the Redeemed


Celebras is guarded by three non-elite Corrupt Forces of Nature. He will summon more during the fight, but his casting can be interrupted. When you defeat him, Celebras the Redeemed will spawn in his place.


Group Strategy[]

Have the tank Ability warrior charge [Charge] Celebras and immediately use Spell nature thunderclap [Thunder Clap] or Ability warrior warcry [Demoralizing Shout]. This will cause the initial adds to focus on the tank and will prevent them from running after the healer. Any additional adds should be immediately picked up with Demoralizing Shout. His casts are interruptible with Ability kick [Kick], Spell frost iceshock [Counterspell], Spell nature cyclone [Wind Shear], etc. Kill Celebras first, then AoE the remaining adds.

Solo Strategy - Rogue[]

He is soloable for a single rogue if you use the right tactics. Note that he spawns loads of adds, so you have to kill him "fast". As a combat rogue, start with Ability warrior punishingblow [Blade Flurry] and Spell shadow shadowworddominate [Adrenaline Rush] to remove the first few adds and pump in damage. When your health starts to get low, pop in a health potion, and keep Spell shadow shadowward [Evasion] until your health is near 30% because he will spawn more and more adds. When he dies, Ability vanish [Vanish] and move to the side to heal, then finish off the adds that are left.

Solo Strategy - Hunter[]

He can also be soloed by a hunter and his pet. Send your pet at Celebras and burn him down quickly. If your pet is being damaged too quickly by the adds, use multi-shot to pull some of them off and use freezing trap on one of them, then pop Deterrence if you have it. So long as you use rapid fire and all of your burst damage shots, you should finish Celebras off before you're in too much trouble. After you kill him, feign death and wait for the adds to kill your pet, then despawn.


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