Cenarion Circle Documents

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  • Cenarion Circle Documents
  • The Deaths of Chromie
  • Binds when picked up
  • "Deliver to Adrine Towhide in Andorhal to temporarily halt the battle between the Horde and the Alliance."

The Cenarion Circle Documents can be looted from the  [Time-Lost Keepsake Box].


Chromie says: Interesting... these documents mark the bearer as some sort of higher-up in the Cenarion Circle.
Chromie says: Maybe we can use them to grease some wheels in Andorhal.
Adrine Towhide
The Cenarion Circle cannot sit idly by while Horde and Alliance soldiers mindlessly slay one another. If I can give some solace to some wounded soldiers, I am content.

Gossip <Present the Cenarion Circle documents.>

This - this says that you come bearing orders from Keeper Remulos himself! Very well, what are your orders, <name>?

Gossip We need the druids to distract the cannons outside so that a bronze dragon can escape Andorhal.

Adrine Towhide says: Chromie needs our help? We will distract the cannons so she can fly away safely..[sic]
Adrine runs out of the building.

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