Cenarion Wildlands.

The Cenarion Wildlands are a new lush area in the middle of Desolace. A flood of water caused by the Cataclysm has revitalized this formerly barren area, creating a grassland with a vibrant forested grove in the middle of it. At the center of the grove is Karnum's Glade, a brightly lit shrine with night elf architecture.

With the sudden changes to the area, some of the local flora and fauna didn't react as well as the Cenarion Circle had hoped. Uprooted Lashers roam the areas in the east and south disrupting the new life that springs forth. Meanwhile, the air elementals are preventing its further growth into the desert to the west.[1] All of the wildlife in the area, however, have responded to their new environment in strange and exciting ways.[2]


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