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Praetor Sentry and Elysian Bulwark.jpg
A praetor (left) and goliath (right)
Faction/Affiliation Kyrian Covenant;[1] Forsworn; Mawsworn
Area(s) Bastion, Shadowlands

Centurions are anima-fueled automatons found in Bastion. They are built by the stewards and are responsible for training kyrian aspirants as well as defending Bastion, and come in several different types. Since they are constructs, they do not possess souls.[2]

Centurions were created by the First Forgelite[3] partly to replace how the aspirants originally had to fight against the fauna of Bastion in order to progress and train.[4][5]

Mikanikos, the Forgelite Prime who is responsible for the Eternal Forge, is in charge of creating centurions.[6] At one point, the Forsworn briefly took over production at the forge, and Overseer Atticus harnessed the power of Mikanikos' instrument Phaestus to create a centurion army of his own.[7]


A Stalwart Guardian.

Also called praetorians,[8] these flying automatons are charged with training Aspirants who show particular martial promise.[1]



A variation of the praetor type[9] that curates a wealth of knowledge on behalf of the Eonian Archives[10] and the Eternal Forge.[11] Mikanikos created the first Mnemis unit by installing a mind core in a praetor after he realized that all of the previously existing centurion types—while capable of speech—lacked intelligence and the ability to store knowledge.[9]


"Goliath" redirects here. For the skeletons in Desolace, see Dead Goliath.

An Elysian Bulwark.

Unyielding bulwarks and powerful warriors that enforce order in Bastion.[1]



Centurion Colossus.

Eternal protectors, these guardians have stood watch and defended Bastion for ages.[1] They are the mightiest of the centurions, but are a weapon only called upon in times of dire need.[12]



Atleos, the vanguard prototype.

A smaller, experimental variation of the colossus type, created by Mikanikos during the campaign in Korthia after he noticed that normal colossi are too large to bring to Korthia.[13]

  • Neutral  Atleos <Vanguard Prototype>


Main article: Phalynx

Cat-like, four-legged centurions that serve as combat allies[14] and mounts.[9]


A Depleted Aquilon.

Powerful, winged centurions that can rapidly transport kyrian and stewards alike[15] as well as serve as valuable combat allies, with capabilities beyond those of a phalynx.[16] Aquilon were not seen for ages, but the reactivation of anima to the Eternal Forge in time for the assault on the Maw allowed the stewards to start producing them once again.[17][18] The Forsworn stole some aquilon blueprints to create their own version.[19]