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Chains of Domination (achievement)

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Chains of Domination
  • Complete the storylines listed below.
  • Criteria:
    • Battle of Ardenweald
    • The Last Sigil
    • The Unseen Guests
    • A New Path
    • Maw Walkers
    • An Army of Bone and Steel
    • The Power of Night
    • What Lies Ahead

Chains of Domination is the achievement awarded for completing the Chains of Domination campaign, added in patch 9.1.


Criterion Quest
Battle of Ardenweald N [60] Report to Oribos
Maw Walkers N [60] Good News, Everyone!
The Last Sigil N [60] The Primus Returns
An Army of Bone and Steel N [60] Victory in Our Name
The Unseen Guests N [60] The Nathrezim
The Power of Night N [60] Winter's Sigil
A New Path N [60] The New Path
What Lies Ahead tbd

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