The Chains of Domination campaign covers the storylines added in patch 9.1 as part of the overarching Shadowlands campaign, tracked in the achievements  [Chains of Domination] and  [Breaking the Chains]. Many of the quests take place in Korthia, the new addition to the Maw.

The campaign is a followup to the four Covenant Campaigns. Starting in chapter four, the campaign is [Renown]-gated, requiring Renown in steps from levels 44 to 58 for the ninth and final chapter.

Unlocking the campaign

To unlock the first three chapters of this campaign, characters must have finished the Torghast chapter of their covenant campaign, ending with N [60] The Search for Baine. Once that is done, N [60] The First Move will be offered automatically as soon as players log in after patch 9.1 goes live.

The rest of this campaign requires players to have earned  [Covenant Campaign] by finishing all nine chapters of the 9.0 campaign.

Level 60 alts of players can skip a few steps by doing the following:

  1. Choose a covenant
  2. Head to the sanctum and unlock covenant abilities
  3. Skip the covenant sanctum intro and unlock the first soulbind
  4. Head to Oribos
  5. Speak to Bolvar and choose the Gossip I have already learned of Anduin's fate. <Skip ahead of the Anduin exposition and cut scenes to begin Chains of Domination quests.> option
  6. Relog or speak with Adrestes to start N [60] The First Move

For more details on the skips, see N [60] The Highlord Calls.


The covenant representatives in Oribos

Alts can skip past the first three chapters of this campaign by speaking to Bolvar Fordragon as soon as they arrive in Oribos:

We know the Jailer is watching us. And that he has Anduin.
Our only hope is for you and other heroes to make the covenants strong, <name>.
The day will soon come that the Jailer and Sylvanas reveal the next phase of their plan.
When they do, it will require all our strength to overcome them.

Gossip I have heard this tale before. <Skip ahead to Korthia.>

Be warned that this skip will forfeit the following:

This action will complete the Battle of Ardenweald chapter, the Maw Walkers chapter, and the Focusing the Eye chapter: skipping over N [60] The Battle of Ardenweald, becoming [The True Maw Walker], unlocking the Waystone to Oribos in Korthia, and the chain to fend off the Eye of the Jailer. The next quest that skipping alts will be able to pick up will be N [60] Vault of Secrets, first quest of the The Last Sigil chapter, at Renown 44.

Main campaign

Korthia map

The primary campaign is nine chapters long and covers the covenants' loss of their sigils to the Jailer, gaining access to Korthia, and fending off of Mawsworn forces attacking from Desmotaeron. The covenants then work to reforge their sigils so the new ones can be used against the Jailer.

Battle of Ardenweald

The Battle of Ardenweald

Bolvar Fordragon reaches out to the Maw Walker with a message from Polemarch Adrestes. The Archon has been severely wounded, and her sigil stolen by Anduin Wrynn. Realizing that the Winter Queen's sigil is under threat, the Maw Walker, alongside Bolvar Fordragon and Jaina Proudmoore, head to Ardenweald to defend her in a conflict that is immediately termed the "Battle of Ardenweald".

  1. N [60] The First Move
  2. N [60] A Gathering of Covenants
  3. N [60] Voices of the Eternal
  4. N [60] The Battle of Ardenweald
  5. N [60] Can't Turn Our Backs
  6. N [60] The Heart of Ardenweald
  7. N [60] Report to Oribos

Maw Walkers

Keeper's Respite

A second waystone has been detected on Korthia, the realm that The Jailer pulled out of the In-Between into the Maw. Realizing that the Maw Walker individually ferrying Shadowlands denizens out of the Maw is untenable, the attendants utilize a portion of the Maw Walker's anima to bind with the new waystone, allowing all covenant forces to easily travel to the Maw and back. Additionally, the player becomes [The True Maw Walker], regaining access to all ground mounts in the Maw.

  1. N [60] Opening the Maw
  2. N [60] Link to the Maw
  3. N [60] Mysteries of the Maw
  4. N [60] Korthia, the City of Secrets
  5. N [60] Who is the Maw Walker?
  6. N [60] Opening to Oribos
  7. N [60] Charge of the Covenants
  8. N [60] Surveying Secrets
  9. N [60] In Need of Assistance

Focusing the Eye

Facing off against the Eye of the Jailer

Ve'nari has the Maw Walker set up an Animaflow Teleporter back to her refuge, then tests out some new items she found. One of them sends the Maw Walker to Desmotaeron, where Helya and Vyraz have holed up. After saving a Val'kyr, the Maw Walker and the Val'kyr return to Skyhold and gain the Wrath of Odyn, then use that newfound power to permanently fend off the Eye of the Jailer, ending that mechanic for players.

  1. N [60] A Show of Gratitude
  2. N [60] Ease of Passage
  3. N [60] Grab Bag
  4. N [60] Hearing Aid
  5. N [60] Birds of a Feather
  6. N [60] The Caged Bird
  7. N [60] Claim the Sky
  8. N [60] A Hate-Hate Relationship
  9. N [60] Fury Given Voice, N [60] The Chosen Few
  10. N [60] Wrath of Odyn
  11. N [60] Mawsplaining
  12. N [60] Tears of the Damned, N [60] Anger Management
  13. N [60] Focusing the Eye
  14. N [60] Good News, Everyone!

The Last Sigil

The Primus and the Jailer

At Renown 44 and with the patch 9.0  [Covenant Campaign] complete:

Realizing that three of the five sigils have been taken by the Jailer, Tal-Galan and a few members of the Necrolord Covenant set out to recover the Sigil of the Primus. They discover the Primus hid it in the Vault of Secrets, which has been besieged by Mawsworn forces. Clear a path through, open the way to the Chamber of the Sigil, and recover the sigil.

Upon completion of this chapter, players will be granted the  [Memories of Sunless Skies], which unlocks flight account-wide in the four level-up zones of Shadowlands.

Optional breadcrumb for alts: N [60] Korthia Awaits

  1. N [60] Vault of Secrets
  2. N [60] Vengeance for Korthia, N [60] The Knowledge Keepers, N [60] Let the Anima Flow
  3. N [60] Secrets of the Vault
  4. N [60] The Anima Trail
  5. N [60] Lost Records, N [60] Bone Tools
  6. N [60] Hooking Over
  7. N [60] To the Vault
  8. N [60] Defending the Vault, N [60] Keepers of Korthia
  9. N [60] Into the Vault
  10. N [60] Untangling the Sigil
  11. N [60] The Primus Returns

An Army of Bone and Steel

The Primus and allies facing Helya and Vyraz

At Renown 47:

The covenants' hold on Korthia is tenuous, so long as Vyraz and Helya are next door in Desmotaeron, so the Primus sends Draka and the Maw Walker to cut the head off of the snake. Thrall shows up, and wants to tag along. The party fend off Helsworn forces, summon in the Zerekriss, and defeat Vyraz. The Primus also banishes Helya back to Helheim.

  1. N [60] The Chains of Command
  2. N [60] Gates of the Damned, N [60] Clip Their Wings, N [60] Weapon in Hand
  3. N [60] A Job Done Right
  4. N [60] Bending Bars
  5. N [60] What Maldraxxus Does Best, N [60] Forsworn and Forgotten
  6. N [60] A Traitor's Due
  7. N [60] Victory in Our Name
  8. N [60] Filling an Empty Throne (Necrolords only)
  9. N [60] The Roads We Walk (Necrolords only)

The Unseen Guests

The real Vashj and an infiltrator

At Renown 50:

Baroness Vashj attempts to start a quest at Keeper's Respite, but is quickly revealed as a nathrezim by the real Vashj! This starts a sequence of events sending the Maw Walker and Vashj to Revendreth to ally with The Stonewright as Kael'thas Sunstrider comes along for the ride. Dreadlords are everywhere, and it's time to clear them out. With the Stonewright pledging her Stone Legion to join Korthia's efforts, Revendreth was free to craft a new sigil.

  1. N [60] Dreadlords!
  2. N [60] Dread Tidings
  3. N [60] The Dawnkeep Prisoner (for characters who have not completed N [60R] Redemption for the Redeemer)
  4. N [60] Convoy of the Covenants
  5. N [60] The Unseen Guests
  6. N [60] Nal'ragas, N [60] Spy vs Spy
  7. N [60] De-Infiltration
  8. N [60] The "Unwelcome" Guests, N [60] Cryptograms
  9. N [60] The Power of a Crown
  10. N [60] The Nathrezim
  11. N [60] The Meaning of Wrath
  12. N [60] Medallion of Wrath (Venthyr only)

The Power of Night

The Power of Elune

At Renown 52:

Ysera reaches out to the player, urgently requesting help for Tyrande Whisperwind. The power of the Night Warrior is about to take over, and Huln Highmountain has been sent on a hunt to find night warriors in the other realms. He identifies warriors in Maldraxxus and Revendreth, so the Maw Walker has been tasked with collecting them. The party then gathers in the Grove of Awakening to complete the ritual. With the Heart of the Forest healed, the Winter Queen was able to restore Ardenweald's sigil.

  1. N [60] A Cry From the Heart
  2. N [60] Hunting Amid Houses
  3. N [60] The Blade in the Night
  4. N [60] By Your Leave
  5. N [60] You Cannot Run, N [60] You Cannot Hide, N [60] You Can Only Die
  6. N [60] Akarek Avenged
  7. N [60] Magical Mystery Tour!
  8. N [60] Hunting Huln
  9. N [60] Mal'appropriated
  10. N [60] The Big Squeeze
  11. N [60] Out On the Edge
  12. N [60] Back to The Heart
  13. N [60] Rituals of Night
  14. N [60] The Power of Elune
  15. N [60] Winter's Sigil
  16. N [60] Inform the Primus

A New Path

The ceremony at the Seat of the Archon

At Renown 56:

In an attempt to bring the Forsworn back into the fold, Thenios checks in with Bolvar Fordragon at Keeper's Respite, and hands the Maw Walker an  [Attuned Shard] to find the other half of Uther's soul. After recovering the  [Remnant of Justice] from Torghast, Tower of the Damned Thenios uses his soul mirror at the Temple of Wisdom in Bastion to help Uther work through his memories of becoming a paladin and the purging of Stratholme, making Arthas a paladin, and reliving his death in Andorhal. After that, Polemarch Adrestes, Uther, and Fallen Disciple Nikolon work to retake the Citadel of Loyalty. For his efforts, Adrestes is promoted to Paragon, and the now-full complement of five paragons plus the Archon create another sigil.

  1. N [60] A Paladin's Soul
  2. N [60] Wounded Memories
  3. N [60] Step Into the Light
  4. N [60] He Was My Student
  5. N [60] I Intend to Live Forever
  6. N [60] Blind Loyalty
  7. N [60] Compassion in Devotion
  8. N [60] Directing Dedication, N [60] Rebuilding Faith, N [60] Reclaimable Anima
  9. N [60] The Vesper Rings
  10. N [60] A Triumphant Return
  11. N [60] The Grand Reception (Kyrian only)
  12. N [60] The New Path
  13. N [60] New Sigil of the Kyrian

What Lies Ahead

The sigils assembled

At Renown 58:

After the events of the Sanctum of Domination, Thrall and Jaina return to Keeper's Respite to relay that the Jailer managed to claim the final sigil from the Arbiter and escaped through a portal with Anduin in tow. After Jaina and company uncover a farewell message that Anduin left behind for them, the covenants present their remade sigils to the Primus, who explains that he needs them—along with a replacement for the Arbiter's sigil—in order to follow the Jailer to his destination: the land of the First Ones. He tells the Maw Walker that he'll call for them when the key is ready, marking the end of the campaign.

Although this chapter chronologically takes place after the Sanctum of Domination, the player does not need to have completed any part of the raid to access the chapter.

  1. B [60] Doorway in the Dark
  2. B [60] A Symbol of Hope
  3. N [60] Covenants Renewed

Optional: N [60] A Loose Thread

Side quests

The Lodestaff

Outside of the main campaign, a few side quests are also available.

Archivists of Korthia

After "Charge of the Covenants", the Maw Walker comes across the  [Researching Korthian Relics] item, leading them to Scholar Roh-Suir in the Seeker's Quorum. He is desperately trying to save Archivist Roh-Senara from the Mawsworn. The attendants ask the Maw Walker to recover the Lodestaff, a Shadowlands relic. This unlocks the Archivists' Codex reputation faction, and  [Relic Fragment] drops from rares, treasures, and vignettes in Korthia and Desmotaeron.

Most of the time spent on the quest chain will be grinding out reputation by turning in Relic Fragment-containing items and recovering more artifacts at reputation milestones. Players can expect over a month of gathering relic fragments to reach rank six with the Archivists' Codex.

  1. N [60] Researching Korthian Relics
  2. N [60] Interrupt the Interrogations
  3. N [60] Carving Out a Path, N [60] The Sundered Staff
  4. N [60] An Infusion of Anima, N [60] Consulting the Experts
  5. N [60] Hope Ascending
  6. N [60] Finding One's True Purpose
  7. N [60] Establishing the Archive
  8. N [60] Beginning the Collection
    • Optional side chain:
    1. N [60] Picking Up the Pieces
    2. N [60] Collecting Research
    3. N [60] Empowering Equipment
  9. N [60] What Must Be Found
  10. N [60] Missing Relics (at Tier 2)
  11. N [60] Lost Vaults (at Tier 3)
  12. N [60] Mysterious Rifts and N [60] Relic Efficiency (at Tier 4)
  13. N [60] The Final Relics (at Tier 5)

They Could Be Anyone

An illusion revealed

After "Good News, Everyone!", Pathscribe Roh-Vess asks the Maw Walker to locate Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, who has not been seen since the Jailer's attack on Korthia. Alongside the attendant Caretaker Kah-Than, the Maw Walker retraces Roh-Kalo's last steps.

  1. N [60] A Matter of Urgency
  2. N [60] The Last Place You Look, N [60] Rescued from Torment, N [60] Looting the Looters
  3. N [60] Redirect the Search
  4. N [60] Echoes of Fate
  5. N [60] Under the Illusion
  6. N [60] They Could Be Anyone

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

In the Idyllia of Oribos, the innkeeper has a message for the Maw Walker, starting a questline to unlock the megadungeon Tazavesh, the Veiled Market.

  1. N [60] The Al'ley Cat of Oribos
  2. N [60] Insider Trading, N [60] Things Best Kept Dark
  3. N [60] Seeking Smugglers
  4. N [60] Above My Station
  5. N [60] Dead Drop
  6. N [60] Coins for the Ferryman
  7. N [60] The Veiled Market
  8. N [60D] Tazavesh: Raiders of the Lost Artifact

The Box of Many Things

The Box of Many Things

After unlocking a foothold in Korthia, a short quest line unlocks The Box of Many Things, which acts as a significant boost to the player's power in Torghast. It also grants  [The Box of Many Things] achievement.

  1. N [60] In Darkness, Found (optional)
  2. N [60] The Box of Many Things
  3. N [60] Tower Knowledge

Maw events

Covenant assaults

The Necrolord assault on Perdition Hold

After completing "Good News, Everyone!", covenant assaults unlock. Twice a week, one of the four covenants will take charge on an assault of one of the hubs in the Maw:

The assaults are a great source of reputation with the Death's Advance and the covenant factions taking part in the assault, and have a number of achievements associated with them, including:

Additionally, assaults will award an  [Emblem of Renown] for players who are catching up.

Tormentors of Torghast

Every two hours, Kel'Thuzad sends out one of the Tormentors of Torghast to attack an area in the Maw. Take out the minions and lieutenants to fill the bar, then defeat the Tormentor of Torghast for 10% progress in N [60W] Shaping Fate, a  [Tormentor's Cache], and likely an item drop or two.

Once a week, players can complete the N [60W] Phantasmagoria quest, which starts from the  [Warped Phantasma] found inside the Tormentor's Cache.

Defeat all of the bosses to earn the achievement  [Minions of the Cold Dark].

Korthia dailies

After completing "Good News, Everyone!", four or five daily quests open up in Keeper's Respite each day:

Additionally, a weekly elite world quest appears in Desmotaeron after completing chapter five of the campaign:

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