Challenge Cards are used to challenge Brawler's Guild foes.

They can be purchased from Horde Card Trader Ami in Brawl'gar Arena and Alliance Card Trader Leila in Deeprun Tram after beating Brawler's Guild encounters or finding quest-starting items out in the world.


Card Boss Rank
 [Challenge Card: Ahoo'ru] Ahoo'ru 9
 [Challenge Card: Akama] Akama 6
 [Challenge Card: Anthracite] Anthracite 8
 [Challenge Card: Battletron] Battletron 7
 [Challenge Card: Big Badda Boom] Big Badda Boom 9
 [Challenge Card: Blat] Blat 3
 [Challenge Card: Blind Hero] Blind Hero 9 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Blingtron 3000] Blingtron 3000 6 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Bruce] Bruce 1
 [Challenge Card: Crush] Crush 4
 [Challenge Card: Dark Summoner] Dark Summoner 7
 [Challenge Card: Deeken] Deeken 4
 [Challenge Card: Dippy] Dippy 2
 [Challenge Card: Dippy & Doopy] Dippy & Doopy 5 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Disruptron] Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha 8 (Rare)
 [Challenge Card: Doctor FIST] Doctor FIST 9
 [Challenge Card: Dominika] Dominika the Illusionist 4
 [Challenge Card: Epicus Maximus] Epicus Maximus 8 (Rare)
 [Challenge Card: Fjoll] Fjoll 5
 [Challenge Card: Fran & Riddoh] Fran & Riddoh 2
 [Challenge Card: G.G. Engineering] G.G. Engineering 7
 [Challenge Card: Goredome] Goredome 1
 [Challenge Card: Grandpa Grumplefloot] Grandpa Grumplefloot 4 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Hexos] Hexos 8
 [Challenge Card: Ixx] Ixx 3
 [Challenge Card: King Kulaka] King Kulaka 2
 [Challenge Card: Leona] Leona Earthwind 4
 [Challenge Card: Kirrawk] Kirrawk 2
 [Challenge Card: Leper Gnomes] Leper Gnome Quintet 5
 [Challenge Card: Master Boom Boom] Master Boom Boom 4 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Mazhareen] Mazhareen 3
 [Challenge Card: Meatball] Meatball 7
 [Challenge Card: Mecha-Bruce] Mecha-Bruce 6 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Millhouse Manastorm] Millhouse Manastorm 8 (Rare)
 [Challenge Card: Millie Watt] Millie Watt 5
 [Challenge Card: Mingus Diggs] Mingus Diggs 9 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Nibbleh] Nibbleh 9
 [Challenge Card: Proboskus] Proboskus 5
 [Challenge Card: Razorgrin] Razorgrin 5 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Ro-Shambo] Ro-Shambo 7 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Sanoriak] Sanoriak 3
 [Challenge Card: Smash Hoofstomp] Smash Hoofstomp 6
 [Challenge Card: Splat] Splat 5 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: T440 Dual-Mode Robot] T440 Dual-Mode Robot 8
 [Challenge Card: The Bear and the Lady Fair] Bear and the Lady Fair 7 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Ty'thar] Ty'thar 4 (Quest)
 [Challenge Card: Tyson Sanders] Tyson Sanders 8
 [Challenge Card: Unguloxx] Unguloxx 6
 [Challenge Card: Vian] Vian the Volatile 1
 [Challenge Card: Vishas] Dungeon Master Vishas 1
 [Challenge Card: Yikkan Izu] Yikkan Izu 6
 [Challenge Card: Zen'shar] Zen'shar 8 (Rare)



Item Quest Zone Notes
 [Knockoff Grumplefloot] N [100] A Knockoff Grumplefloot Kun-Lai Summit /dance with Grandpa Grumplefloot at Grummle Bazaar
 [The Bear and the Lady Fair] N [100] A Tale of Romance and Chivalry Shadowmoon Valley Sargerei-affiliated draenei at Socrethar's Rise and Shattrath City
 [Hozen-Fur Fuse] N [100] Boom Boom's Fuse Kun-Lai Summit Kill hozen with Kota Kon on N [20-35 Daily] The Burlap Grind
 [Frost-Tipped Eggshell] N [100] Frost-Tipped Eggshell Icecrown [47.9, 13.7] Win pet battle against Level 25 elite Doopy
 [Dusty Old Robot] N [100] Last Year's Model Anywhere  [Blingtron 4000 Gift Package]
 [Modified Chomping Apparatus] N [100] Modified Chomping Apparatus Brawler's Guilds Buy  [Challenge Card: Bruce] and win
 [Paper-Covered Rock] N [100] Paper-Covered Rock Valley of the Four Winds Gather crops at Sunsong Ranch
 [Raptorhide Boxing Gloves] N [100] Raptorhide Boxing Gloves Northern Barrens Rare drop from level 90 Kor'kron mobs
 [Vial of Reddish Ooze] N [100] Secret of the Ooze Gorgrond Oozes
 [Impeccably Sharp Tooth] N [100] Teeth Like Swords Pandarian fishing pools Fish of the day pools
 [Digmaster's Earthblade] N [100] The Digmaster's Earthblade Uldum (Tol'vir dig sites) Or inside  [Crate of Tol'vir Archaeology Fragments]
 [Well-Worn Blindfold] N [100] Well-Worn Blindfold Darkmoon Faire  [Darkmoon Game Prize]


  1.  [Collect Your Deck (Season 2)]
  2.  [Deck Your Collection (Season 2)]

Patch changes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-05-23): Challenge Card quests can now be completed while in a raid. Note that credit for defeating a boss will not be shared amongst party or raid members.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.3.0 (2013-05-21): Added.